Find out what monthly budget you'd need to live and learn Spanish in Barcelona, Spain.

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Want to learn Spanish in Barcelona?

You’re making a great choice for your future. A study by MIT scientist Albert Saiz found college graduates who learn Spanish earn around $51,000 more than people who speak one language.

Many multinational companies have Spanish-speaking customers. This means your skills will be in high demand. Learning Spanish is also a great choice if you’d love to have travel opportunities in your working life. 

But before we get too excited…it’s likely you’re asking: “How much does it cost to learn Spanish in Barcelona?”

Speakeasy BCN is one of the leading in-person Spanish language schools in Barcelona.

This is a common question our student advisors hear.

Below, we’ll break down the expected costs of learning Spanish in Barcelona.

How much does it cost to learn Spanish in Barcelona?

The answer depends on four costs: tuition, accommodation, transport and living expenses. 

Expect to pay between €300–1,400 a month ($320–1,500) for tuition. The cost of accommodation, transport and living expenses starts around €700 a month ($750). So you could live and learn Spanish in Barcelona from as little as €1,000 a month ($1,070).

But the true cost will depend on what’s best for you.

Below, we’ll go through each of the four main factors in greater detail.


1. Tuition: The cost of taking a Spanish course in Barcelona 

The cost of tuition depends on what you’re looking for. 

See below for the prices of Spanish courses currently available at Speakeasy BCN, in order from least to most expensive:

  • Intensive
    Intensive courses are the most popular at Speakeasy BCN. Prices range from €156–248 per week ($170–260) depending on whether you choose the Immersive 20h Course, the Intensive 20h Course or the Super-intensive 30h Course. The immersive course offers Spanish cultural activities and workshops alongside your language tuition.

  • Long-term
    Our long-term courses are ideal if you’d like to live in Barcelona for a longer time (usually between 6–12 months). Prices range from €79–129 per week ($85–140) depending on whether you choose the Accelerated 20h Course or the Immersive 20h Course. All long-term courses are subject to discounts, making it more cost-effective the longer you stay.

  • Semi-intensive
    Semi-intensive or part-time courses are best for students combining Spanish classes with working or studying part-time. Prices range from €42–88 per week ($45–95) depending on whether you choose the Evening 4h Course or the Semi-intensive 10h Course.

  • Conversation & Cultural
    Conversation classes help to increase your confidence in speaking Spanish. Cultural classes help you learn about music, art, architecture, painting, literature, gastronomy, traditions and folklore in the Spanish-speaking world. Prices for both start from €55 per week ($60) for 5 hours of group classes.

  • Exam Preparation
    Our official exam courses help you get qualifications for your resumé, job applications or work commitments. Prices range from €190–790 ($200–840) depending on whether you choose the SIELE or the DELE exam preparation course, and for how long you wish to study. The maximum study time is typically 4 weeks.

  • Combined
    Combined courses offer a mix of private and group Spanish classes. Prices range from €191–361 per week ($200–390) depending on whether you choose the combined 12h course or the combined 24h course.

To see a further breakdown, then please visit our Pricing page.

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2. Accommodation: The cost of renting or sharing a space in Barcelona

We support students at Speakeasy BCN with four different accommodation options:

  • Private apartments

  • Shared apartments

  • Student residence

  • Local host (homestay)

According to Numbeo, a private apartment is likely to be the most expensive option. Rental prices for a one-bedroom apartment cost an average of €950–€1,250 per month ($1,015–1,350) in Barcelona.

If you share an apartment with one or two other students, you can bring accommodation costs down to an average €500–700 per month ($530–750) depending on the location. Speakeasy BCN works with our partner, Live Further, to get students rooms in shared apartments in Barcelona.

You may have to pay electricity, gas, water and internet bills. According to Numbeo these utilities cost around €150 extra per month.

Speakeasy BCN works with our partner, Resa, to get students into one of 8 student residences in Barcelona. Prices range from €384–1,120 per month ($410–1,200) depending on your residence of choice.

According to you can rent a room from a local host for as little as $15 per night – or $450 a month.

If you book a Spanish course with Speakeasy BCN we will help you secure the accommodation you’re looking for. Click to browse our range of Spanish Courses.

You can also visit our FAQ page for more questions related to accommodation.


3. Transport: The cost of getting around Barcelona

Barcelona has a well-connected public transport system with a metro, bus lines, tram and trains.

There are more than 230 bus lines, and you rarely wait more than 5 minutes for a train.

Prices for a single bus ticket start from €2.55 ($2.70). But if you take a long-term Spanish course and get a residence permit, you can access the T-usual monthly pass, which offers unlimited journeys for €21.35. 

Transport costs will depend mostly on how far away you live from your chosen Spanish school. Speakeasy BCN is located on the edge of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter in the centre of the city. It’s a 5-minute walk from the famous La Rambla boulevard and Plaza Cataluña which are connected to everywhere in the city.


4. Living Expenses: The cost of living in Barcelona

Students spend a minimum of €250–350 per month ($270–370) on groceries and food. 

A meal at a typical restaurant can cost as little as €15 per person ($16) and no tipping is expected. But to maintain a low budget you’ll need to manage the number of times you eat out.

Drinks are generally cheap, with a small beer costing as little as €2 ($2.15) and a glass of wine as little as €3–4 ($3.20–4.30).

Since you’re in Barcelona…you may need a budget for visiting attractions.

This is where Speakeasy BCN’s student card comes in handy. You can use it to get discounts at sites like:

  • La Sagrada Familia

  • Museu d’Historia de Catalunya

  • La Casa Museo Gaudi

  • La Casa Batlló

  • Palau de la Música

  • Museu de la Xocolata

We also organize weekly activities for students at discount prices. You can take a day trip to visit the stunning towns, beaches and areas of natural beauty for as little as €30 per person.

There’s always an art class, sporting event, music night, cultural highlight or day trip to take part in.

Sweeping view of Barcelona from Park Guell.

International Students: Don’t forget the costs of getting a visa for Spain!

If you’re not an EU resident or from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland you’ll need a study visa for Spain. 

The costs of applying for the visa itself can range from around €160 for United States citizens. You should check prices at the embassy or consulate nearest to you.

If you want to find out what kind of visa you need, try our student visa calculator.

The study visa requirements include taking out medical insurance. The cost depends on your length of stay and any significant medical history. Speakeasy BCN helps all students at our language school get full medical coverage in Spain – you can request a tailored quote on our Medical Insurance page.


The cost of learning Spanish in Barcelona

To summarize, the cost of learning Spanish in Barcelona depends on four main factors. These are tuition, accommodation, transport and living expenses.

In this post, we suggest you could live and learn Spanish in Barcelona for as little as €1,000 a month ($1,070).

But that maybe won’t give you the Spanish language learning you want. And it might be a course that’s not as long or as short as you’d like.

The best solution is to find the ideal Spanish course for you and then inquire with Speakeasy BCN to understand the costs. We help all students get accommodation, apply for a student visa and provide budgeting tips.

Click here to browse our range of Spanish courses in Barcelona.

June 23rd, 2024

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