Building your Spanish one floor at a time with the Speakeasy CASA Programme

The CASA Programme — Coherent and Active Spanish Assimilation — is based on the idea that each linguistic, communicative or grammatical content is related to the following. We think of the Spanish language as the construction floor by floor, level by level, course to course, of a building with six floors: you cannot build a new floor if the lower floor is not well cemented and finished.

The Speakeasy curriculum is based on the updated version of the Curricular Plan of the Cervantes Institute, guaranteeing correspondence with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This curriculum distinguishes the 6 levels defined by the CEFR, linked to the 6 floors of the Casa Program, organized in 13 courses.

  1. A1

    Floor 1

    Let´s go! What do they say in the weather forecast? What should I say in a supermarket? What should I say when I book a room in a hostel? You start with the basic, but you will quickly be able to use Spanish in everyday life through learning basic grammar and vocabulary.

  2. A2

    Floor 2

    Very good! You have just arrived to the second floor! From now on you will learn how to speak about your past and future plans. You will be able to interact in many social contexts, such as asking about an apartment for rent, reserve a hotel room or express your opinion on various topics.

  3. B1

    Floor 3

    Brilliant, keep going! We will study different topics such as funny stories, your CV, your travels etc. You will also learn how to communicate in a wider variety of everyday social contexts, increase your vocabulary and improve your general understanding. You will start to learn a key feature of Spanish grammar, “el subjuntivo”. You will be able to use the past, future and the conditional tenses.

  4. B2

    Floor 4

    Don’t say that you are tired! The fourth floor is a level of perfection and prepares you for the next level. You will reinforce your knowledge and better your understanding and you will be able to speak more fluently.

  5. C1

    Floor 5

    Excellent! You are close to the final level! At this point, you have acquired an extensive knowledge of Spanish. Now will be able to speak about any topics, understand any audio, article or conversation and be able to write any kind of text.

  6. C2

    Floor 6

    You did it! Here you will develop and implement all conversation and grammar skills you’ve learned so far. You have a native level and now you are able to speak, understand or write at a professional level, at the level of an expert.

Immersion Philosophy

Speakeasy’s teaching approach is based on the modern philosophy of linguistic immersion: learning and teaching entirely in Spanish. We use a communicative and practical approach to learning Spanish. The objective of the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation that you learn, is to be able to communicate in Spanish in an effective way. All the teaching and textbooks are in Spanish from the very beginning.

From the first day, communication in class and the teaching materials will be in Spanish, and your teacher will encourage you and your classmates to express yourselves inside and outside the classroom in Spanish. The teacher will give you the necessary tools to develop your learning skills to be able to participate in conversations with natives or to deduce the grammar rules.

  • Student books

    We use textbooks made for teaching Spanish to foreigners, especially chosen for their modern and complete methodology. They are the “Gente” series from Difusion editorial. The set includes a student textbook, a student work book as well as audio cds for practicing. We also use complementary exercises and hand-outs.

  • Interactive digital boards

    Our main classrooms are equipped with interactive digital boards. The use of technology is a key tool for the academic department of Speakeasy and allows students to learn in a dynamic and complete way.

  • Speakeasy certificate

    After finishing your studies in Speakeasy, you will have a certificate from the school indicating the dates you completed your studies, the total hours and the level you reached. The only official certificate of Spanish as a foreign language is the DELE exam organized by the Instituto Cervantes. Speakeasy is an official examination centre of the DELE exam. Speakeasy also offers a preparation course for the DELE.

  • Native Spanish teachers

    For Speakeasy Language School, the quality of teaching is of utmost importance. Our staff consists solely of highly qualified native Spanish speaking teachers with many years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. All of them with higher-education studies in Spanish language or translation and with specific trainings in ELE (teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language).

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Everything is super, very good teaching staff. Interesting in the classes, they use different methods in teaching. Very polite staff and excellent student support. Confidently 5 stars.

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