Medical Insurance

High quality medical insurance is an essential part of travelling and studying in Spain

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Speakeasy offers its students fair health insurance services, no matter the length of your stay

In addition to the comfort of knowing that you will be fully covered throughout your stay in Spain, many student visas require students to be covered with comprehensive medical insurance. If you plan to stay in Spain for more than 180 days and you need a long-term student visa (type D), you must have insurance with full coverage of medical services in Spain.

AMEHealth Foreigners

AMEHealth Foreigners is the health insurance plan than provides you with full medical coverage with no co-payment and with no waiting periods.

Sanitas International Students

Sanitas International Students health plan offers complete medical insurance with no waiting periods and no co-payments. You can use all of the services from day one without paying anything extra for appointments.

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Comprehensive medical insurance plans made just for our students


Bianca Gonçalves Moreira Speakeasy, May 2019

I am new at the school, but I can already say that I was surprised with the quality from my reception with Yasmin (attentive and friendly!), from teachers Bea and Txemi (which are great and the classes are flying by) and the events by Anna (always friendly and concerned to always promote the best). I really recommend Speakeasy as the best option in Barcelona!