Culture class

Learn why Barcelona is one of the most exciting cultural centres in Europe while improving your Spanish

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SpeakeasyBcn: Culture class
  • Price €47 per week
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  • Schedule Mondays to Fridays from 13:30-14:30hs
  • Levels B1–C2

Course overview

Our Spanish culture class is designed for people who want to know more about Spanish culture while improving their Spanish language skills. You’ll learn why Spain is one of the most exciting cultural centres in Europe as you explore the history of its now famous food, music, dance, art, history and architecture. The aim of the course is to develop your understanding of the Hispanic world and to deepen your knowledge of the link between Spanish language and its rich culture.

Our Culture classes can be booked independently or as an addition to group or individual courses.

Registration and materials

This course requires a one-time registration fee of 40 Euros per person. Course materials are all included in the course cost.

Learn Spanish and enjoy the Spanish way of life


Mariana F. Miguel Speakeasy, August 2019

I loved studying at Speakeasy! The school is very well located, the staff very attentive from the first contact, the facilities are new and always clean, and they also organize activities outside of classes so that students can get to know each other and also Barcelona. Very good!


How much does the DELE exam fee cost?

Depending on the level of your exam the fee varies between 180 and 210 euros. You will have to apply from the official Cervantes website, if you need help with this please contact us.

Will I get a student card?

Yes, a student card is included in any course at Speakeasy. Bring a passport sized photo to reception and within 48 hours we will have your card ready for pickup.

Can I book my course week by week?

Yes. You can book your course week by week if you choose. Just keep in mind that you risk losing your spot in the same class if the class has previously been reserved by other students. Keep in mind that discounts are applied up from four weeks booked at a once.