Culture class

Get a step ahead in the cultural world of Spanish

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SpeakeasyBcn: Culture class
  • Price €53 per week
  • Duration Book weekly
  • Schedule Mondays to Fridays from 16:30-17:30hs
  • Levels B1–C2

Course overview

Our culture course will allow you to discover different cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries such as music, art, architecture, painting, literature, gastronomy, traditions and folklore. Thanks to this cultural knowledge, an essential component to deepen and master a language, our students practice and improve their command of Spanish in an active, entertaining and participatory way.

Our culture classes can be booked independently or as a complement to group or individual courses.

Course and pricing options

The following are the pricing options currently available for this course.

Culture class
  • 5 hours per week €53

Registration and materials

This course requires a one-time registration fee of 47 Euros per person. Course materials are all included in the course cost.

Get a step ahead in the cultural world of Spanish


Sophia Snezhynska Speakeasy, March 2021

It’s a great experience, a chance to meet many interesting people, see new places and speak a new language. I like the way things are arranged at the school. The teachers are very professional. You start speaking Spanish very quickly. It seems that you just chat with friends, and then you notice that you understand people around you, you speak Spanish! It’s cool.


How long does it take to complete one level?

To finish one mini-level in our intensive course it takes two weeks and to finish an entire level it takes four weeks. Check out our course progression chart where you can compare how long it takes to complete each level for each type of Spanish course.

Can I take the DELE exam at Speakeasy?

Yes, as Speakeasy is an official DELE exam centre. Enquire at reception or contact us to get further information regarding official exam dates, levels and how to sign up.

Is there a preparation course for the official DELE exam available?

Yes, we offer DELE exam preparation courses. Check out our DELE Course page for more information.