This Spanish course combines the Intensive 20h program from 9:00h - 13:00 (20 hours per week) and the Spanish conversation and business Spanish classes from 15:30 - 17:30 (10 hours per week). Our most immersive course is great for students who want to learn as much Spanish as possible in the shortest amount of time. Intensive group classes are four hours every day, Monday through Friday, in the morning.

Class is divided into two blocks, one teacher for each half, with a small break in the middle. In the afternoon, you will have an hour of Spanish Conversation class and an hour of Spanish Culture class. This gives you time to cover all aspects of Spanish language learning each day: grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


Here are the start dates for the next 3 months

  1. 2 January 2024
  2. 15 January 2024
  3. 29 January 2024
  4. 12 February 2024
  5. 25 February 2024
  6. 11 March 2024
  7. 25 March 2024
  8. 8 April 2024
  9. 22 April 2024
  10. 6 May 2024
  11. 21 May 2024
  12. 3 June 2024
  13. 17 June 2024
  14. 1 July 2024
  15. 15 July 2024
  16. 29 July 2024
  17. 12 August 2024
  18. 26 August 2024
  19. 9 September 2024
  20. 23 September 2024
  21. 7 October 2024


We offer discounts on this course when you choose to book blocks of continuous study weeks — the longer you study, the bigger the discount!

  1. Price per week
  2. 4 — 7 weeks
    5% discount
  3. 8 — 11 weeks
    10% discount
  4. 12+ weeks
    15% discount

Registration and materials

This course requires a one-time registration fee of 65 Euros per person. First set of books are included in this cost.


We know you want to make progress as quickly as possible! The table below will show you how long it takes to pass each level when you are studying this course.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
A1.1 A1.2 A2.1 A2.2 B1.1 B1.2 B1.3 B2.1 B2.2 C1.1 C1.2 C2.1 C2.2
30 hours / week Super intensive 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 12 weeks 12 weeks 12 weeks 12 weeks 12 weeks 12 weeks

At Speakeasy, our students don't just learn they language, they live it!

Kye Cue Speakeasy, February 2024

Learning a new language can be the most frustrating experience, but it can be a very fruitful experience with the right school, teachers, and staff. A friend of mine recommended Speakeasy language school, when I was preparing to move to Spain from the USA. The classes are very fun and engaging. We learn not only the language, but also about the culture and we laugh together. Speakeasy staff are also very helpful in organizing culture activities locally, resolving student issues, and supplying visa documents. I highly recommend this school.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. All our teachers are native Spanish speakers from Spain. They all have a university degree, special training in ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera) and experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.

  • Yes! We have a range of ages at Speakeasy BCN so you will never feel out of place, whether you’ve just finished school or have decades of work experience. The average age of a student at Speakeasy BCN is 28.

  • Yes! We have a very international student body at Speakeasy BCN. You can choose to take a part-time Spanish course in Barcelona while studying or working, or if you take a long-term Spanish course, we can help you get a student visa in Barcelona.

  • Yes, all our teachers are native Spanish speakers. They all have a university degree, special training in ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera) and experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.

  • Yes, you can. Booking a double room allows you to share your room with someone else. If you want to stay in a double room you'll need to book together with the friend/family member you will be sharing with. Each of you will have you’re your own single bed. You are responsible to find your roommate, we do not provide the service to match students together.

If you have more questions, take a look at our complete FAQs page.

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Super-intensive 30h Course

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Super-intensive 30h Course
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Super-intensive 30h Course €248 per week