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In addition to our wonderful native teachers, you’ll also get to know our international admin team. Between us we speak Spanish, English, Swedish, German, Danish, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Russian. We’ll be able to support you with any additional help you might need, such as visa consultation, accommodation or insurance. For anything you need both before and after your arrival, we are here for you.

  • Virginia Almagro Teacher

    Virginia Almagro

    Originally from a town near Cartagena, in Murcia, Virginia moved to Barcelona with her family at a young age. She began teaching at Speakeasy in October 2022, where she discovered her passion for teaching Spanish to foreigners. Virginia finds joy in the cultural exchange that teaching provides, learning as much as she imparts. In her free time, she enjoys the company of her family, friends, and cats. Among her favorite spots in Barcelona are Plaça Felip Neri and the Faculty of Philology at the University of Barcelona.

  • Daniel Aranda Teacher

    Daniel is originally from Buenos Aries, Argentina. A true porteño! He came to Barcelona in 2004 with plans to stay for two years. Fast-forward 18 years and he is still here! He started at Speakeasy in 2019 and describes teaching as "a great experience in which you can see how the learning process transforms a person, in the case of a language and being a teacher, one can "travel" through other cultures and share their own." In his free time, you can find Daniel cycling or sailing.

  • Joan Aznar Teacher

    Originally from Barcelona, Joan has been at Speakeasy since 2017. His favorite thing about being a Spanish teacher is getting to know his students over time. In his free time you can find him hanging out in his favorite Barcelona neighborhood, Sants, in the plaza de Osca. He´s a real music buff, his favorite genres being rock n' roll and punk.

  • Ana Belén Muñoz Teacher

    Ana is from Barcelona. Her favorite thing about being a Spanish teacher is seeing the progress from when they arrive to the school and can only say "hola" and just a couple of months later be able to express their opinions. In her free time she enjoys going to the cinema and exploring the surroundings of Barcelona with friends on weekends.

  • Beatriz Boneu Teacher

    Our beloved Spanish teacher Beatriz! She, and all her family, are from Barcelona. Bea started her teaching career back in 2005 where she was a volunteer teacher for an NGO. She's been part of the Speakeasy team since 2012. In her free time, Bea likes going to the cinema (she's a big movie buff), reading, and dancing to 80s music. She also loves to eat and cook, like all Spaniards, she says!

  • Marc De los Santos Teacher

    Marc is originally from Granollers, a small city close to Barcelona. He came to Barcelona because it is the closest big city next to his "mini city" and he started coming regularly when he was studying in University. Marc says 'what I like the most [about teaching] is being able to help people, I love hearing their stories, learning about their culture and teaching mine. The best thing about this job is seeing how people smile and appreciate that you have accompanied them on such a beautiful journey as language learning'.

  • Leticia de Mata Teacher

    Leticia is from a small town just south of León, Valencia de Don Juan. She always loved Barcelona for the structure of its streets, the diversity of cultures, and its people. Her work is her passion, she adores teaching young learners up to adult learners. She believes that teaching Spanish is perfect because she loves not only teaching students, but learning from them. Her passions include hiking, getting lost in the city, swimming, and eating, although she says she hates cooking!

  • Ana Eva García Teacher

    Ana Eva is originally from Madrid but came to Barcelona in 2008 for work and has been living in our favourite city since. She has been a teacher in Speakeasy since 2016. Ana Eva loves the beaches and Montjuic in Barcelona and in her free time she enjoys walking her dog, Lola, going hiking, doing sports, and taking photos.

  • Verónica Hombrados Director of Studies

    Verónica is from Huesca, a small city in Spain close to the Pyrenees mountains. She loves sharing her language with students from different cultures and seeing their evolution and how they can communicate in Spanish. Hiking and cycling are her passions and she loves climbing up Barcelona´s Montjuic for its amazing views of the city.

  • Kenny Kang Student Advisor & Visa Consultant

    Kenny Kang

    Meet Kenny! He arrived in Barcelona seven years ago, hoping to soak up some sun and enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. When he's not busy, you'll catch him in the kitchen, whipping up meals, snapping photos, and vibing to jazz. Kenny's also big on travel, always up for new adventures and exploring different cultures.

  • Soren Kohnke Director

    Soren Kohnke

    Soren is our Director at Speakeasy. Originally from Copenhagen, Soren has been in Barcelona since 2000 and started Speakeasy in 2001. The lovely warm and sunny mediterranean climate and the nearby mountains are his favorite things about the city. Soren is a collector of hobbies including running, skiing, biking, motorbikes, sportscars and believe it or not he is a Major Marathon finisher!

  • Xingchen Lu Student Advisor & Visa Consultant

    Xingchen Lu

    Xingchen is from China but has been residing in Spain since 2018. Eager to embrace new experiences, she is enthusiastic about learning different languages and travelling. The refreshing sea breeze of Catalonia holds a special place in her heart, reminiscent of her hometown, Dalian. During her leisure moments, you can find her at the gym or savoring a café con leche on a sunlit terrace.

  • Yasmin Minusculi Operations Manager

    Yasmin Minusculi

    Meet Yasmin! After studying and working in London for 8 years, she decided it was time for a change and moved to sunny Barcelona. Originally from Brazil, she's now the Operations Manager and a Student Advisor at Speakeasy. She's always worked at educational institutions and loves being able to work with people from all over the world.

  • Sara Muñoz Martín Teacher

    Sara, a native of Barcelona, has always been driven by a desire to broaden her worldview and embrace continuous learning. An avid enthusiast of hiking and sports, she finds joy in quality time with family and exploring new destinations through travel. Among her favorite places in Barcelona is the Carretera de les Aigües, a spot that allows for a picturesque walk while providing a breathtaking view of the city from above.

  • Isamar Oliva Orallo Teacher

    Isamar Oliva Orallo

    Isamar has lived in Barcelona her entire life, residing in Hospitalet de Llobregat. Working at Speakeasy since October 2022, she finds joy in the enriching contact with people. As a Spanish language teacher, she sees her job as a gateway to exploring new cultures through her students. In her free time, she enjoys the company of loved ones, reading, and dancing. Her favorite spot in Barcelona is Parque Cervantes, where she can peacefully enjoy a good book.

  • Sophie Ostapenko Student & Visa Advisor

    Sophie Ostapenko

    Originally from Siberia, Sophie moved to Barcelona two years ago to do a Masters program on art and cultural management here in Barcelona. She is passionate about photography, art, architecture, gastronomy and jazz. Sophie also has an affinity for working with her hands - be it ceramics, painting, or making candles.

  • Fern Pearson Social Media Manager

    Fern Pearson

    Fern hails from the United Kingdom and has lived in sunny Barcelona for three years. You can find her spending her afternoons walking around the city with her camera in hand. She is happiest when exploring Spain with her dog, Chile. In her free time, she is constantly on the hunt for good food and dog-friendly spots in Barcelona!

  • Eva Perello Teacher

    Eva is from La Torre de l'Espanyol, a small town near the Ebro river in the South of Catalonia. She loves her work! Being a part of the progress of her students, to see how they evolve is highly satisfying. Her favorite neighborhood in Barcelona is the Gothic area, for its architecture and history and the charm that reflects what was and still is Barcelona.

  • Marielle Poorte Marketing Manager

    Marielle Poorte

    Marielle grew up in Austin, Texas with an Argentinian mother and Dutch father. She decided to come to Barcelona to get better acquainted with her European side and improve her Spanish. Fast forward seven years and she’s still here and loving it! In her free time you can find her enjoying a vermut in the plazas of Grácia, practicing yoga or exploring Barcelona by bicycle.

  • Irene Poza Monge Teacher

    Irene is from Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, a town near Barcelona in the Vallès Occidental area. Witnessing her students' progression, fostering meaningful connections, and gaining insights into diverse countries and cultures are the aspects she cherishes most about teaching. During her leisure time, Irene enjoys reading a variety of books, and indulges in her passion for listening to and performing music.

  • Javier Pozo Teacher

    Javier is originally from Badalona with roots in Andalucia, especially Granada. He started at Speakeasy in 2019 and says it's the school that has most facilitated his growth as a teacher. His favorite part of teaching foreigners is how fulfilling the relationships with students is and learning about different customs and cultures. His interests include YouTube, cinema, games, literature, music, and socializing.

  • Cristina Revenga Teacher

    Cristina comes from Burgos but has lived in many Spanish cities like Valladolid, Madrid, and now Barcelona. Seeing students progression and the cultural exchange that happens in group classes is her favorite thing about being a teacher. You can find Cristina reading historic and crime novels and listening to indie music like Dorian in her freetime.

  • Xavi Romero Teacher

    Xavi was born and raised in Barcelona. He loves that teaching allows him to be creative while meeting people from all over the world. Sharing a part of his culture with his students and learning from them about their cultures is one of the most gratifying things for him. Xavi loves plaza del Diamant and Felip Neri not only for their beauty but for the important parts of Barcelona´s history that they represent.

  • Cristina Rubio Teacher

    Cristina comes from the beautiful island of Ibiza and has been with Speakeasy since 2012. She loves learning about her students who come from all over the world. Barcelona´s Forum is her favorite place to hang out in her free time. She´s a big fan of music and bicycles.

  • Carolina Sanz Teacher

    Carolina Sanz

    Originally from Lleida, Carolina moved to Gran Canaria with her family when she was 8. After arriving in Barcelona she decided to expand her professional options and specialized in teaching Spanish language. In her free time, Carolina loves animals, hiking and nature. She enjoys going to concerts, watching films and series. Her favourite places in Barcelona are Montjuïc and El Parque de Cervantes.

Our international admin team is just like you and here to help!

Lauren Chapman Speakeasy, March 2021

The amount I've progressed is tremendous. One of the main reasons I've advanced so far in my ability to speak, listen and write is due to the phenomenal teachers at this school. I had 4 different teachers with their own unique styles. I can say that every single one was amazing and pushed me to get to the point where I am now. I can now confidently say I speak Spanish and navigate myself through Spain without so much fear of having to communicate. I have met many students from other language schools who switched to Speakeasy and all of them have told me this school is the best Spanish learning school they've gone to due to the amazing professors.

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