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  • Language Exchange
    20-10-2022 18:00 | Free event

    Language Exchange

    Are you just feeling social and want to get to know some of the faces you study with and practice your Spanish?

    This Thursday, we are having a language exchange meeting at a bar just across the street from Speakeasy.

    Meet and mingle with your classmates and practice your Spanish outside the classroom!

  • Oktoberfest
    13-10-2022 17:00 | Free event


    On Thursday, we will take a part of the main event of the month – Oktoberfest! Yes, it’s popular not only in Germany, Spanish people are big fans of ale as well.

    Join us at Oktoberfest Barcelona to enjoy great beer, the best Bavarian cuisine, live music, and of course mingling with Speakeasy Students outside the class.

  • Parc Laberint d'Horta
    11-10-2022 16:00 | €3

    Parc Laberint d'Horta

    This Tuesday, we will get lost in one of the most beautiful gardens in Barcelona – Parc de Laberint d’Horta.

    Horta’s Labyrinth Park was created in the end of 18th century as a garden in collaboration with Italian architect Domenico Bagutti. Two centuries after, it became the oldest conserved park with a labyrinth in the city. Once Neoclassical, with a slightly Italian look, it later adopted a Romantic style.

  • Siurana y Montblanc
    08-10-2022 08:30 | €25

    Siurana y Montblanc

    On Saturday, we are making a day trip to visit two charming Catalan medieval towns – Siurana y Montblanc, located in the south of the region.First, we will stop by a small village in the Priorat province – Siurana – to enjoy a magical enclave where thousands of love stories and legends have been forged. And after that, we will drive deep into the country to visit Montblanc. This fascinating village was one of the most significant medieval towns back in time, and its architecture is well-preserved.

    29-09-2022 18:00 | €10


    On Friday, we will visit the Swab Barcelona Art Fair. This event that brings together 80 galleries from the international contemporary artistic scene. Swab Barcelona aims to bring a representative sample of the emerging talent that is defining the future of the art market, reflecting the latest trends and innovations in the art world.

    29-09-2022 17:46 | €13


    We’re going bowling! Take your shot against an army of pins and enjoy a little friendly competition with your Speakeasy classmates! Join us this Thursday for some fun and games and practice your Spanish skills!

    28-09-2022 17:00 | €9


    This Wednesday, we’re having a special event with our partners, Oakberry. We will enjoy this trendy superfood at a discounted price just for Speakeasy students. They’ll give us a short story of this superfood and its history, and then we will go for a stroll to see the Sagrada Familia in all its glory!

  • Trip to Tossa de Mar
    24-09-2022 09:10 | €25

    Trip to Tossa de Mar

    On Saturday, we are making a day trip to visit a fascinating town on the Costa Brava – Tossa de Mar. The town has a lot of history, from the Iberian and Romans settlement to current times, but it is most famous for its medieval town and stunning nature. We will explore the town, enjoy the weather, and take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea!

  • Flamenco Show
    22-09-2022 18:00 | €26

    Flamenco Show

    On Thursday, we will enjoy an authentic Spanish Flamenco performance in the Palau Dalmases, a 17th Century Palace located in the heart of Barcelona. Come to experience a real Flamenco show with dancers, guitars, singers and drinks!

  • Feria del Vermut y Aperitivo
    17-09-2022 03:00 | €5

    Feria del Vermut y Aperitivo

    Come to enjoy one of Spain’s most famous drinks: Vermut! This outdoor fair presents a wide variety of different types of vermuts, delicious tapas, activities and live music. Join us to taste and learn more about the making of vermuts!

  • Moco Museum+Cocktails
    15-09-2022 18:00 | €11

    Moco Museum+Cocktails

    This Thursday we will visit one of the trendiest places in Barcelona! Moco Museum exhibits a heavy hitter line-up including but not limited to – Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Damien Hirst and more! Join to experience the collection with a free cocktail and friends in the Moco Patio.

  • Trip to Cadaques
    10-09-2022 08:30 | €25

    Trip to Cadaques

    We will visit one of the charming villages of Costa Brava and favourite city of acclaimed artist Salvador Dali – Cadaques.

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You'll be having fun and practising Spanish at the same time — what a great experience!


Rob Long Speakeasy, March 2021

Speakeasy is an extraordinary language learning school. I am in my third month and all I have received is consistent energy, passion and commitment from my teachers to help me succeed at Spanish language learning. I would call out Profesora Ana Eva who has a style so inclusive and so committed to every person in the class, I am making progress with Ana and so is everybody else in my group. There is first class communication from the Admin team who keep me updated regularly. A learning experience I will never forget and the most important thing – I’m not forgetting the skill of a new language, because Speakeasy is helping me succeed.