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  • Natura Encesa Lights
    24-11-2023 19:30 | €19

    Natura Encesa Lights

    We are going to visit the spectacular Christmas light show Natura Encesa on Friday evening. Discover a luminous experience in which you will discover one of the earliest known life forms on Earth. Enjoy a night walk in the best possible setting to see the wonderful and unknown world of mushrooms through the magic of lights and sound. A nocturnal adventure surrounded by monumental installations that will transport you to a dream world to be enjoyed in the company of your Speakeasy friends.

  • Museo de arte de Cataluña
    23-11-2023 16:00 | €10

    Museo de arte de Cataluña

    Come with us and explore the most important collection of Catalan art!

    This Thursday, we will visit MNAC museum, housed in the Palau Nacional, a Neo-Baroque palace where you can find more than 260,000 works of art.

    We will dive into the history of local art, from the Romanesque frescoes of Pyrenees’ churches to neoclassicism and Catalan Art Nouveau.

  • Siurana and Montblanc
    18-11-2023 08:15 | €30

    Siurana and Montblanc

    On Saturday, we’ll be leaving Barcelona to visit two charming Catalan medieval towns – Siurana y Montblanc, located in the south of the region.
    First, we will stop by a small village in the Priorat province, Siurana, to visit a magical enclave to revel in the village’s beauty and learn about the legends that have been set there. After that, we will drive deep into the country to visit Montblanc. This fascinating village used to be one of the most significant medieval towns, and on this weekend they will host their annual medieval market.

  • Fiesta de Tortilla de patatas
    16-11-2023 18:29 | Free event

    Fiesta de Tortilla de patatas

    This Wednesday, we are going to a famous bar located in the heart of the city to try one of the best tortillas de patatas in town. Believe it or not, it’s even Rosalía’s go-to spot for this classic Spanish dish! Come on down to chill with us, grab some drinks, pick your favorite tortilla de patatas, and hang out with your Speakeasy mates!

  • Park Güell
    09-11-2023 16:00 | €11

    Park Güell

    This Thursday, we will explore the legendary Barcelona spot where both locals and tourists share the same admiration – Parc Güell. This park is a stunning attraction that stands as a testament to the artistic and creative genius of Antoni Gaudi. We will visit the sprawling park and garden located on Carmel Hill and enjoy the ‘trencadis’ mosaic aesthetic as seen in the gingerbread-like houses. And of course, get excited by the beautiful view of Barcelona from the top.

  • Moritz Brewery
    08-11-2023 18:30 | Free event

    Moritz Brewery

    This Wednesday, we will go to one of Barcelona’s biggest and best breweries – Fàbrica Moritz to sample their beers and tapas. Including the “first” beer in Barcelona, it’s a must-try!

    Fun fact: This brewery used to be closed to the public, however, they opened their doors for beer lovers in 2011. Join us to try this classic Barcelona beer and mingle with your Speakeasy classmates

  • Pintxos Tour
    02-11-2023 18:30 | Free event

    Pintxos Tour

    Pintxos – the Basque version of tapas. Carrer Blai in Poble Sec is a pedestrian street lined with bars serving tasty pintxos and beer. The idea is to hop from place to place, sampling different pintxos as you go.

    Join us this Thursday to mingle with your Speakeasy classmates and enjoy authentic Basque cuisine together.

  • Ghost and legends walking tour
    26-10-2023 20:00 | €18

    Ghost and legends walking tour

    Embark on a journey to the underworld as you wander the streets of the Gothic Quarter learning all the horrible and gruesome stories of the city!

    This Thursday, we will get into the Halloween spirit and take a walking tour in the city center to discover the horrifying truths of Barcelona’s past. Experience 1.5 hours of spine-chilling stories as you venture into the city’s dark and sorted past.

    25-10-2023 18:00 | Free event


    On Wednesday, we’ll visit one of the most peculiar cafés in the city, inhabited by fairies and gnomes and surrounded by enormous trees. The café is located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, but you will find yourself in a fantasy world, like something out of a movie. Come along to try this unique experience and enjoy some drinks with your classmates!

  • Tibidabo
    21-10-2023 16:00 | €12


    We are going to visit the city’s tallest peak, Mount Tibidabo, crowned by the cathedral del Sagrat Cor. In this spectacular location, it can be seen from all over the city.

    We will use the funicular to go up the mountain, visit the cathedral, climb-up to the viewing platform just below the Jesus Christ bronze statue, and enjoy exceptional views of the city.

  • Taller de Ceramica
    18-10-2023 19:00 | €26

    Taller de Ceramica

    We will take part in a creative masterclass where you can make your own ceramic piece! A teacher will guide you at all times so that you learn to apply all the necessary techniques to your work of art. The activity is designed for everyone, so even if you don’t have any experience, you can make your own mug, plate, or bowl! And of course, we will have some drinks, chat and have fun!

  • Narbonne
    14-10-2023 07:45 | €35


    On Saturday, we will take a bus trip to the south of France to visit the picturesque town in the Occitan region, Narbonne, which was founded by Romans more than two thousand years ago. We will discover well-preserved traces of Roman life, including fragments of the Via Domitia, underground galleries of the Horreun. Furthermore, Narbonne boasts essential monuments worth visiting, such as the Cathedral of Saint Just and Saint Shepherd, the Palace of the Archbishops, Gilles, and Aycelin Tower, making it one of the most popular towns to visit in the south of France.

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You'll be having fun and practising Spanish at the same time — what a great experience!


Gerard Don Speakeasy, May 2021

The 6-hours a week Evening Course helped me get my Spanish from a very basic level to upper intermediate in less than 6 months. During the classes we use a variety of different learning techniques in a small group of students andthe teacher has been great, facilitating an interactive experience. Next to a full-time study or job it is demanding – but rewarding, fun and definitely worth it!