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  • LLUM Festival
    03-02-2023 19:00 | Free event

    LLUM Festival

    This Friday, the 3rd of February, we are going to the neighborhood of Poblenou for an incredible light festival – held for the fifth year in Poblenou. Llum is a circuit of luminous installations in which art and technology meet. Llum BCN will transform the urban landscape of Poblenou. Join us and see this barrio come to life with your classmates!

  • Casa Vicens
    02-02-2023 16:30 | €20

    Casa Vicens

    This Thursday, we will visit the first major project of the greatest Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí.
    This lesser-known summer house of the Vicens family was built between 1883 and 1885 and boasts an orient style, which was very popular during this period. However, you can begin to see the talent of Gaudi and the seed of his genius designs that influenced later works.

  • Day Trip to Andorra
    28-01-2023 07:20 | €30

    Day Trip to Andorra

    This Saturday, we are going on a day trip to Andorra, an independent country located in the heart of the Pyrenees and among the highest countries in Europe, with its capital being Andorra la Vella.

    Famous for being a ski and shopping paradise, this small country is visited by millions of tourists every year to enjoy the multiple activities it offers, from thermal waters to amazing views of snowy mountains.
  • Churros con chocolate
    25-01-2023 18:30 | Free event

    Churros con chocolate

    Winter is in full swing in Barcelona! We think the best way to warm up in Spain is to eat some crunchy churros with chocolate! This freshly fried dough is dipped in hot chocolate, and if you’re feeling extra gluttonous, with whipped cream on top. Join us to enjoy churros like locals and make new friends!

  • Casa Amatller
    19-01-2023 17:00 | €14

    Casa Amatller

    This Thursday, we will visit one of the greatest examples of Catalan modernism – Casa Amatller. The building was originally constructed in 1875, then redesigned as a residence for wealthy chocolatier and archaeological enthusiast Antoni Amatller between 1898 and 1900.

    The continuous ownership by the Amatller family means that the house’s interior of 1900 has remained largely preserved intact to the present day. We will visit the historic home’s museum and after, enjoy some chocolate from this family in the café inside the house.

  • Banksy Museum
    18-01-2023 18:00 | €13

    Banksy Museum

    This Wednesday, we are entering the world of Banksy, the master of street art.
    Without losing his anonymity, this amazing artist has been able to impact the world with his mural works with powerful social messages.

    Join us to immerse in this collection of over 100 pieces to discover clues about this mysterious artist, highlighting his most important pieces and framing his extraordinary and often controversial career.

  • Montjuïc Castle
    12-01-2023 16:00 | €12

    Montjuïc Castle

    On Thursday we are going to visit Montjuic’s hidden treasure, its castle and the botanical garden. This impressive monument, during many centuries, has been used for multiple purposes, from a trading center to a prison.

    Join us to learn more about the history of the castle and enjoy the excellent views of Barcelona, the mountains and the sea below.

  • Vermut y Tapas
    11-01-2023 19:00 | Free event

    Vermut y Tapas

    This Wednesday, we are going to try the greatest Spanish apéritif – vermút rojo. It is common for Spanish people to have a glass of vermut before a big meal – they say it helps prepare the appetite and aid in digestion.Join us to drink vermút like locals, enjoy tapas, and the company of your classmates!

  • Cabalgata de Reyes Magos
    05-01-2023 19:00 | €0

    Cabalgata de Reyes Magos

    After the Christmas and New Year celebration, in Spain, the party continues as we receive the “Tres Reyes Magos” who bring nice presents for the well-behaved and coal for the bad.

    Every year, on the 5th of January, it is a tradition to welcome the Tres Reyes Magos in a parade that goes across the city with their little helpers who put on a spectacular show. These generous men will be bringing candies and presents! (only if you were nice)

    Join us to collect candies and celebrate this very Spanish tradition.

  • Christmas fair - Nadal al Port
    21-12-2022 19:00 | Free event

    Christmas fair - Nadal al Port

    Next Wednesday, we will visit one of the most unique Christmas fairs in Barcelona, located next to the sea.

    Its main attraction being a huge ferris wheel next to the port, from which you will be able to see the beautiful night view of the city. The fair is filled with different stands, offering Christmas decoration, hand made objects, food, drinks, activities and joy!

    Join us to have a wonderful time and feel the Christmas spirit!

  • Christmas market - Santa Llùcia
    16-12-2022 19:00 | Free event

    Christmas market - Santa Llùcia

    We are going to visit the oldest and most well-known Christmas fair in the city- Santa Llùcia. This market has been held since 1786 next to Barcelona’s Cathedral. It’s a nice opportunity to be inspired by Barcelona’s Christmas atmosphere with your Speakeasy classmates, buy presents (if you still haven’t!), and gawk at the biggest collection of “caganers” – the famous pooping Catalan boy.

  • Patinaje de Navidad
    14-12-2022 19:00 | €10

    Patinaje de Navidad

    This Wednesday, we will enjoy the best holiday activity – Ice skating (yes, you can do this in Barcelona!) Join us to get into the holiday spirit and mingle with your lovely Speakeasy classmates! The price includes two 25 minute sessions and includes skate rental. Please, don’t forget your gloves, it can get cold!

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You'll be having fun and practising Spanish at the same time — what a great experience!


Phil Opaola Speakeasy, February 2022

I’ve been a student at speakeasy for a month and a half now, and it’s been going even better than I could’ve expected. We started learning practical Spanish from day 1 and by the end of the first week I was already able to have basic conversations with cashiers, friends, and people I met while out and about. There’s no better motivation than being able to use the words and phrases you learn in class to immediately connect with people. Of course the quality of learning also stems from the quality of teaching, and I can’t speak highly enough of my professor at the school, Cristina Revenga. In addition to a varied pedagogical approach (which keeps the whole class engaged for 4 hours at a time) and an endless amount of enthusiasm for the subject, she’s also a great source of knowledge about Spanish culture. She’s constantly recommending songs, books, food, festivals and other ways to engage with the language and culture outside of class. My classmates also bring a diverse range of backgrounds to the classroom. It’s great learning about Camino de Santiago with an architect in class who can talk about the history of Romanesque architecture in Spain, or learning about linguistic similarities between Spanish and Swedish, Dutch or German from students from those countries. Basically, if you’re interested in learning Spanish and are curious about taking an immersive approach, you can’t go wrong with this academy.