If you’ve recently moved to Barcelona, you might be wondering where all your favourite shops might be. Maybe they don’t even exist in this country! Sometimes you need something more elaborate than what you can find in your local shops. We’ve rounded up a few spots we wish we had known about when we first arrived.

Primark Barcelona.

Wallapop to buy or sell second-hand Items

Are you missing a bedside table in your room? Did your flat come with everything but a sofa? Ready to part with that hoodie you never ended up wearing? Wallapop is an application that lets you make a search on anything specific you’re looking for while also posting your own items to sell. Most of the vendors are people like you who are looking for a good deal or don’t want to just throw their old stuff away.

Media Markt for electronics

Imagine this shop as Spain’s Best Buy. Here, you can find anything electronic or related: space heaters, Bluetooth speakers, blenders, video games, cables, televisions… the list goes on. Media Markt has all the well-known brands and some off-brands for better prices too. The choice is yours!

Media Markt Barcelona.

Primark for homestuff and more

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Zara Home or Ikea, Primark offers tons of home items like towels, bedding, candles, even small decorations, for really affordable prices. You can think of it as a British Walmart, where you can pick up anything from shoes and tops to pillows and shower curtains.

Druni for perfume, makeup and cosmetics

Have you ever wondered what happened to your beloved Walgreens or DM? Those large all-in-one drugstores don’t exist here in Spain, but we’ve found that Druni is a comparable option for those used to strolling endlessly through aisles of beauty products.

Decathlon for anything sports-related

Whether you’ve left your yoga mat in another country, are looking to take up a new sport, or want some warmer clothes for your first camping trip, Decathlon is the place to go. Their massive shops carry clothes and accessories for every kind of sport imaginable. The best part is, their prices don’t break the bank.

Cooperativa Roba Amiga (Farcells) for second-hand furniture

Although there are many Roba Amigas (shops that sell used clothing – think Goodwill or Salvation Army) scattered around Barcelona, this particular one in the Diagonal Mar area also sells furniture. Because it’s a non for profit entity and mostly everything is donated, their prices for dressers, sofas and dishes are really low. They will even come pick up old furniture – in good condition – from your home (for free!).

What do you think of our list? Is there any shop you wish you had known about when you first arrived? Let us know so we can add it here!

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