See the skills of Speakeasy BCN students who joined an art & wine painting class just outside the Ciutat Vella in Barcelona.


Did you ever think painting could be this fun?

Last January, Speakeasy BCN students enjoyed a fantastic art & wine painting class.

We painted a sunset scene of the Barcelona skyline while sipping a selection of red and white wines.

The class, run by Pincelea, took place just outside the Ciutat Vella near the Parc de la Ciutadella and the Arc de Triomf.

Why we love art & wine painting classes with Pincelea

If you've ever felt shy about your painting ability (but still love art) then this activity is for you!

The wine helped to ease everybody into the activity. We all shared our finished pieces with each other. And each painting genuinely turned out amazing – was it the wine?

The teacher was on hand to explain techniques clearly and each person got one-on-one support.

Probably the best part was that each time we visit Pincelea students get to paint an iconic scene in Barcelona. This time is was a silhouette of the skyline at sunset. In the past we’ve painted the Sagrada Familia too.

Check out the video and images below to see more!

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Want to contact Pincelea?

Get in touch with Pincelea by visiting their website, where you can reserve an upcoming painting class online. Check out the gallery of their students' work – some of it's ours!

Pincelea comes highly recommended for all your art & wine needs.

January 25th, 2024

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