See what happened when a group of Speakeasy BCN students enjoyed craft beer & live music at Craft Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter.


What could be more fun than sipping craft beer while enjoying live music?

Our students from Speakeasy BCN had a fantastic time doing just that! The event took place on June 5th at 9:30 pm, right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, near the famous Pont del Bisbe photo spot.

Craft Barcelona, an old brick cellar with a Catalan vaulted ceiling, hosted the night.

Martin Bit and Friends performed amazing country covers of famous songs, making it a night to remember.

Why we love craft beer & live music with Craft Barcelona

The highlight of the night was watching Martin Bit and Friends do country covers.

Everyone loved singing along to well-known songs like:

  • Creep (Radiohead)

  • Basket Case (Green Day)

  • Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)

There was a wide selection craft beers, all delicious, and that made the night even more special. The venue is an old brick cellar and that added to the charm with its Catalan vaulted ceiling and warm, inviting atmosphere.

It was a great moment for our students to get to know one another better.

Don't miss the video and images below to see all the fun!

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Want to contact Craft Barcelona?

Get in touch with Craft Barcelona by visiting their website or Instagram. Craft Barcelona comes highly recommended for a great night out!

You can also check out Martin Bit and Friends' LinkTree here.

June 5th, 2024

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