See what Speakeasy BCN students made during a ceramics class at Feliz Studio in the Sant Martí neighborhood of Barcelona.


Ever tried your hand at ceramics?

Our students had a blast!

In May 2024, Speakeasy BCN students headed to the Feliz Studio for a creative ceramics class. The bright, beautiful studio inspired everyone to make their own piece of art to take home (this time we made mugs).

Why we love ceramics classes with Feliz Studio

Our ceramics class made for a great afternoon.

We loved the beautiful, bright studio that was fully stocked with all the tools we could need.

The teacher was fun and guided us through the process. It also gave a lot of students a chance to see another side of Barcelona in the Sant Martí neighbourhood to the north.

Working together in a collaborative environment we created our own unique ceramics. One of the best parts is letting students get to know one another outside the classroom. Meeting new friends in this way is one of many bonuses when you take a Spanish course at Speakeasy BCN!

Check out the video and images below to see our artistic adventure!

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Want to contact Feliz Studio?

Get in touch with Feliz Studio by visiting their website, where they have a list of upcoming events. You can also Whatsapp them on +34 673 014 707.

Feliz Studio comes highly recommended for all your creative needs!

May 3rd, 2024

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