Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up. That includes languages too. Mun from South Korea has been living in Spain for a year and a half and decided to attend Speakeasy to sharpen her skills.

Student leaning against wall in front of the arch on Carrer del Bisbe in Barcelona.

Student profile

Munjeong Choi, simply known as Mun to her best friends, is from Tongyeong, South Korea. The small city is also on the coast and shares more or less the same climate as Barcelona.

Mun has been in Barcelona since February 2019. She works as a tour guide at a tourism agency for Koreans, doing routes about Gaudí, night walks around the Gothic Quarter, wine routes and even tours around Montserrat and Sitges. Since last year, Mun hasn’t been working as much because of the pandemic, so she has begun doing tours online and on the company’s YouTube channel.

Mun working as a tour guide in Plaça Reial, Barcelona.
Mun working as a tour guide in Plaça Reial, Barcelona

Spanish classes in Barcelona

Mun actually studied Spanish at university in Korea and spent a year abroad in Granada in 2013, so she already knew quite a bit of Spanish when arriving in Barcelona. Because she’s been working less, she decided to sharpen her skills. She also hopes to take the DELE exam to gain an official certificate of her knowledge.

Mun is signed up for the intensive course in the B2.2 class from 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.

The visa process

Mun didn’t have to go through a visa process to study at Speakeasy because she arrived in 2019 on a working holiday visa. She now has a residence permit from finding a job and is able to live, work and study in Spain.

two smiling friends.
Mun and her friend Laras, whom she met at Speakeasy

Speakeasy’s Spanish teachers and methodology

Mun is really enjoying her Spanish classes at Speakeasy so far. She’s had classes with both Joan and Verónica and feels that the classes are well-organized and systemic. She feels that the courses are well thought out, from the books to other study materials used in class (like PowerPoints) to the homework. Of her teachers, she says they really care and respect the students – they want them to pass the DELE exam.

Mun likes the speaking activities in class best. She enjoys speaking with her classmates and teachers and learning about the latest news events in Barcelona and Spain. Mun describes her classmates as friendly, enthusiastic and warm-hearted.

Smiling girl in front of Barcelona Cathedral.
Mun in front of the Barcelona Cathedral

Activities in and around Barcelona

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, Mun hasn’t been able to participate in any school activities but hopes to do so soon.

In her free time, she enjoys visiting famous sites, walking around Gràcia and finding cute boutiques, heading to Raval or Born to meet friends and eat tapas. Mun lives in the Santa neighbourhood so she spends a lot of time around there too.

A day in the life

What does a typical day look like for Mun? She starts her mornings with a bit of stretching and yoga. Then while getting ready for school she chats with her friends and has breakfast.

After her Spanish class is over at 1om, she’ll go to the El Forget café and gran a café con leche, sometimes with her friends.

When she gets home from school, she’ll relax and eat lunch. She often has an afternoon siesta, does her homework and goes over what she learned in class. Mun will also read a bit of a Spanish novel to improve her Spanish.

The evenings are when Mun spends time with her boyfriend. They usually cook together, take walks and watch TV.

Smiling girl with glass of wine in a small Spanish restaurant.
Date night - Mun enjoying some wine in a restaurant
February 28th, 2021

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