Jassy decided to study Spanish at Speakeasy so she could confidently communicate, express herself better, and for her application for Spanish Citizenship.

Student at Sant Pau.
Jassy looking bright and colorful in the Barcelona sunshine!

What brought you to Barcelona?

Speakeasy student, Jassy, is from Iloilo city, Philippines. What was supposed to be a 2-month vacation in January 2020 ended up as a 10-month stay in Barcelona. She was finally able to return home, and after 6 months, she again decided to have another short vacation in Barcelona. While here, she completely changed her focus and concentrated on finding a job. Luckily, she got hired by an American company working for the UK market. Aside from her full-time job, Jassy also does modelling on the side and is learning Spanish with us! She’s breathing in the Spanish vibe and is planning to apply for Spanish nationality. Jassy still has a lot to explore in Barcelona, but so far, her favourite spots are the Plaza Catalunya area and El Born, simply because she loves shopping.

Speakeasy students.
WIth her classmates on break

Studying Spanish at Speakeasy

Jassy is currently in the A2.2 level class and going onto B1 in the next two weeks. She is taking the evening course which runs on Mondays and Wednesdays from 18 – 21h, 6 hours a week. She has been studying for almost twelve weeks with her teacher, Belen. She says that Belen’s teaching style is stimulating and motivating. There are a lot of group activities and games, her favorite is when they play Kahoot. She says her classmates are all “super nice, approachable and cool. We share funny experiences and exchange some of our personal ones too! We all have a good relationship, and we get along really well. I super love them!”.

Student on la Rambla.
Jassy on the rambla

A day in the life

Jassy wakes up at around 8am every day to start work. She’s currently working from home and goes to the office one time per week. If she is working from the office, she will get up around 7am. Her working schedule is 9am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays and fills the rest of her time with other activities. After work, she has extracurricular activities: Spanish classes every Mondays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays, she’s in acting class. Thursdays, she does Muay Thai and on Fridays, she goes to voice lessons.

On top of her personal hobbies, the first Friday of each month, she volunteers with her work colleagues, either giving out food to the homeless, taking care of dogs in a dog shelter, picking up garbage in the shoreline of Barceloneta or any other community volunteering opportunities.

Needless to say, Jassy loves exploring and being active! Recently, she went on a Speakeasy excursion to Nîmes and Montpellier where she and other Speakeasy students roamed around the city of Nîmes, took photos in the touristic areas and ate in a French restaurant. She loved Montpellier, it’s bigger than Nîmes and the walking street was great for shopping.

Student with dog, studying.

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