Jaden, 29, is from a city in China called Fuzhou. She came to Barcelona about half a year ago in hopes to start a new life here. She loves the sound of Spanish (describes it as sexy) and wanted to learn a new language.

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The visa process

To stay in Spain for the amount of time she chose to study, Jaden needed a visa. She hired an agency back in China to help her with the process. They aided her in collecting and organizing all the documents. When they were done, she went to the Spanish embassy in China to submit them. Not too hard! If you’re curious about the visa process, you can check our page on that here.

Spanish classes in Barcelona

Over the past 6 months that she’s studied at Speakeasy, Jaden has had 3 teachers: Xavi, Ana and Olga. She says that each one has their own unique teaching style and helps her with different aspects of the language.

“Xavi always prepared many games for us, and he is a very funny teacher. Ana likes to tell jokes and is excellent at teaching grammar. Olga is patient and considerate, she always encourages me to talk.”

After just 6 months, she’s already at a B2 level. Her favourite activities in class are the conversational ones, some grammar and definitely games. “I like playing games,” she says.

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Jaden and her classmates at Speakeasy

Jaden’s Speakeasy classmates

Most of the friends Jaden has made have been through her classes at Speakeasy. Her closest friend and classmate is actually her flatmate, Estrella, whom she moved to Barcelona with. Her other friends from her first class – Coco and Victoria – have helped her a lot and love introducing her to new restaurants and beautiful places. She names many other of her classmates too and how much fun they are, even saying that when she’s with her Russian friend Kristina, “it’s like hanging out with a big sister.”

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Coming out to classmate Ricco's drag show

A day in the life

What’s a typical day like for Jaden? In the morning when she’s taking classes, she has breakfast and prepares a tea after waking up and brings it to school with her (she loves tea very much).

After her classes are over at 1pm, she’ll usually go home with her flatmate and they prepare lunch together, sometimes stopping by the supermarket on the way. After lunch, Jaden studies for an hour or two. In the evenings she hangs out with her friends either having a drink in a bar or going to the beach.

Jaden also loves wandering the streets in search of the perfect shot – she adores taking pictures and observing people. Her favourite area of the city is Barceloneta, just on the beach.

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Hanging at the beach when you live in Barcelona is a must
August 1st, 2021

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