Some may think that brunch culture is something expressly American, but as the Barcelona food scene has grown in the past years, along with the numbers of tourists and expats, the hunt of the hungry is an ongoing one that has given birth to many breakfast-friendly innovations. Read on to see what some of our favourites are.

Fun and experimental spread at Alsur Café, photo via @alsurcafe

Brunch and Cake

The brunch and cake slogan “In grandmothers we trust” reveals a lot about this brunch powerhouse. Their philosophy is to “make absolutely everything by hand and slowly, with care,” while using the best ingredients possible. This care and attention to detail really shows! Not only is their food delicious, it is also presented beautifully. Once the food arrives, people normally stare slack-jawed at the creation in front of them for a moment before digging in. Brunch and Cake has a few locations around the city and it’s not uncommon to find people queuing outside over the weekends.

Can Dende

This tiny gem in Poblenou is not very well-known to people outside of the neighbourhood. With just a few tables inside and a handful of tables available on the sidewalk during warmer months, the establishment gives off a feeling of cozy specialness. The kitchen in the centre of the restaurants sends out delicious and interesting dishes. Combining savoury with sweet, the flavours in the dishes will put a smile on your face. Not to mention the service is fantastic – the staff are friendlier than what you would expect in Barcelona!

Brunch all the way! Photo via @anna_hegi


With an unassuming entrance on a street in the Raval neighbourhood, on entering Trópico, you feel like you’ve been transported into a much warmer climate. The sunny back area is a lovely place to enjoy their delightfully fruity smoothies and savoury breakfast dishes. Things like classic eggs Benedict and homemade cakes will make you happy you came.

Alsur Café

Alsur is another one of those places that has been doing well with new locations popping up over the city. There is a reason for its success. Each location has its own unique decor, still keeping in theme with all the others. Their overall eclectic feel of savoury comfort foods, revamped classical dishes and a large selection of baked goods makes it a cozy place indeed. One of the best things about their menu is that you can order breakfast items at any time of the day!

Eat My Trip Brunch & Bakery

This amazing place near Plaza Tetuan serves crazy creations that are always changing. They have options for everyone with lots of vegan and gluten-free dishes, their main focus being healthy food. The idea behind the menu is inspired by travels around the world, so don’t expect to find anything ordinary here. They even offer to choice to get small portions for some items. It’s a nice idea if you are in the mood for dessert because their cakes are to die for.

Delightful French toast, photo via @eatmytrip

Hammock Juice Station

If you’re looking for tasty and health conscious food combined with a trendy place to chill out, this is your place. Hammock Juice Station gets its name from the hammocks that are distributed around the tables. It’s a great little spot for grabbing a fresh juice or a small bite to eat. Their specialty is vegetarian-friendly brunch. Its excellent location in Eixample and friendly staff make it a lovely venue to unwind and recharge.

Healthy brunch at Hammock Juice Station, photo via @encontroseencantos
October 14th, 2018

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