Love and the desire to start a new life brought Putri from Indonesia to Barcelona.

Student in front of the Sagrada Familia.
Putri in front of the magnificant Sagrada Familia

Why Barcelona?

While it was hard for her to decide to leave her home country and job, Putri decided to move to Barcelona after marrying a Spaniard four months ago (ole!). She was working in Bali as a graphic designer, met a Spanish guy, they fell in love and decided to marry and relocate to Barcelona. She was enticed by the thought of living in another country because of her passion for traveling and meeting new people from around the world. When she arrived, she didn’t know anyone besides her new husband and his father. She found it challenging to organize her new routine and being away from her family and friends at first. Now, though, she’s really starting to love it!

Student in Indonesia.
In her home country, Indonesia

Why study Spanish?

Putri says she has fallen in love with the way Spanish people talk, but most importantly, she needed to learn Spanish to adapt to her new life in Spain. In Indonesia, she loved to speak to the elderly, to listen to their stories and get to know their views on life and then to apply this wisdom to her own way of living. Being able to do this one day with Spaniards is one of her goals that keeps her motivated!

Spanish Classes

Having studied at Speakeasy for six weeks so far, Putri claims “it’s so fun!”. She’s taking the Intensive course and is currently at the A2.2 level. Her teacher is Marta, and she says, “Marta is such an amazing and funny teacher! She always creates fun vibes in the class, so I feel like time flies so fast”. Another important part of her Spanish classes has been making friends with her classmates from around the world. “Speakeasy helped me so much to make new friends, all have the same courage to learn Spanish”, she says. She loves all of her classmates and feels excited to go to class to meet with them every morning.

Student with dog in Barcelona.
Having a chat in the gothic quarter with her lovely dog

What is your typical day like?

Putri is an early-bird and wakes up at 6.30 in the morning. She likes to take the morning calmly and not rushed, taking time to walk her dog and enjoy breakfast while playing her favorite music. She then leaves for school at 8.40am, as she’s just a short distance away from Speakeasy. After class, she typically walks home with her classmates, Noureen and Rebecca, and frequently, they have lunch together. Her husband has an Indonesian shop called Krakatoa Barcelona, so normally after lunchtime she helps him in the shop. Otherwise, she’ll meet her Indonesian friend for a coffee together or walk her dog to Ciutadella park or to the beach.

February 28th, 2022

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