In a world where stepping out of one's comfort zone is both a challenge and an adventure, Chase's story stands out as a beacon of inspiration for anyone contemplating a significant life change. From the rural landscapes of Northern California to the bustling streets of Barcelona, Chase's journey is not just about learning a new language but embracing an entirely new way of life.


From Redding to Barcelona: A Leap of Faith

Growing up in Redding, a small, rural town in Northern California, Chase's early life was filled with the joys of fishing, hunting, and team sports, with baseball and volleyball being his favorites. Professionally, Chase ventured into the world of project management and business, eventually rising to the position of business director for a firm in Southern California. After eight rewarding yet strenuous years, he felt the call for a change — a sabbatical break that would lead him to the vibrant city of Barcelona.

The decision to move to Barcelona wasn't made on a whim. Chase had visited the city in 2022 and, like many before him, fell in love with its charm. The desire to live in Barcelona, coupled with a long-standing interest in the Spanish language, spurred Chase to leave his job and embark on a sabbatical year. His motivation was not just to learn a new language, but to challenge the stereotype that most Americans can only speak one language.

Chase and his twin brother in Redding, North California

The Road to Barcelona: Planning and Preparation

Chase's move to Barcelona was the result of meticulous planning and research. He's even created a blog and written a blog post describing the details of his own process, to assist others in their relocation efforts. The journey to securing a student visa was challenging, requiring extensive documentation and early preparation. Chase opted to navigate this process independently, without legal or relocation assistance, finding invaluable support from Speakeasy, which provided all the necessary student documentation.

Blending into the rhythm of Barcelona's streets

Settling in Barcelona: A New Chapter Begins

The initial days in Barcelona were a whirlwind of emotions for Chase — excitement, doubt, exhaustion, and adventure all rolled into one. However, as time passed, the city began to feel like home, thanks in large part to the community at Speakeasy Spanish School and the myriad of people Chase met from various backgrounds.

Mastering the art of Barcelona's metro system

Learning Spanish at Speakeasy: A World of New Opportunities

Speakeasy's Spanish classes have been a highlight of Chase's experience, offering a perfect mix of grammar, culture, and conversation in small, manageable class sizes. This intimate learning environment, combined with the completely immersive method, has significantly boosted Chase's confidence in speaking Spanish, allowing him to use his newfound language skills in real-world situations.

Capturing a moment at Barcelona's Arc de Triomf

Beyond the Classroom: Exploring and Engaging

Chase actively participates in Speakeasy's organized activities, exploring everything from local bars to remote towns in France. These activities have been crucial in meeting other students and forming friendships. Outside of Speakeasy, Chase uses the MeetUp app to engage with the local community, finding events and activities that further enrich his experience in Barcelona.

Playing volleyball at the golden hour at Barceloneta beach

A Day in the Life of Chase

Chase's daily routine is a blend of productivity, learning, and exploration. Mornings start with coffee and yoga, followed by work, outdoor activities, and Spanish classes at Speakeasy. Evenings are reserved for socializing, attending MeetUp groups, or simply wandering through the city's diverse neighborhoods.

Exploring the iconic corridors of Park Güell

Looking Ahead: Living in the Moment

As for the future, Chase prefers to live in the moment, embracing the experiences and opportunities that each day in Barcelona brings. His story is a testament to the transformative power of stepping out of one's comfort zone and the rich, fulfilling life that awaits those who dare to make a change.

Chase's adventure in Barcelona is more than just a sabbatical; it's a journey of personal and linguistic discovery, a reminder of the endless possibilities that await when we choose to chase our dreams.

At the peak of Puigsacalm, a mountain just north of Barcelona

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