Questions about accommodation are some of the most common that come from prospective students. If you’re curious about how you can find a place to stay while studying Spanish in Barcelona, this article is for you.

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Accommodation While Studying Spanish

Does Speakeasy offer accommodation?

Although Speakeasy does not have its own dormitory or building to house students, we do work with experienced host families as well as collaborate with two partners called Live Further and Spotahome regarding shared flats. If you are thinking about staying in the city for a longer period of time and want to live on your own or with flatmates, we suggest you read this article: How to Find a Home in Barcelona.

How does it work?

One of the best ways to really immerse yourself in a language is by staying with a host family. Students need to give some notice so that we have time to get in contact and receive the host family’s blessing. The families are lovely, experienced and are usually native speakers (either Spanish or Catalan).

You can choose to stay in an individual room or a double room. If you want to share a double room, you are responsible for finding your own roommate before requesting to stay with the family. The minimum length of stay with a host family is one week and the maximum is 6 months.

Most of the host families live within 20 minutes of the school either by public transit or on foot. You have the option to book your accommodation with a host family to include meals. You can book your room to include breakfast or with half board which included breakfast and dinner.

Staying with a host family

There is no fee to set up arrangements with a host family. The cost depends on whether you want a single room or double room as well as if you’d like meals to be included.

Single/individual rooms

  • without meals: €189/week.

  • with breakfast: €203/week.

  • with half board (breakfast & dinner): €245/week.

Double rooms (prices per person)

  • without meals:€147/week per person.

  • with breakfast: €168/week per person.

  • with half board (breakfast & dinner): €196/week per person.

Sharing a flat

The cost of a room in a shared flat depends on the size of the room, number of rooms in the flat, and location or neighbourhood of the apartment.

A single room can cost between €350 to €450, while a double room can go from anywhere between €500 to €600. As the popularity of Barcelona is on the rise, so is the cost of accommodation. If you are lucky enough to have the time to find the perfect place for the right price, use it.

To book a room in a shared flat with either Spotahome or Live Further, contact them by email or visit their website and add the booking confirmation from Speakeasy.

We hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, please send an email to or learn about the kinds of Spanish classes and courses we offer.

November 14th, 2019

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