Maybe you’re sick of studying in your dark, interior room. Perhaps you can’t stand to see the same people at the library anymore. These Barcelona cafés offer a tranquil ambience where you can settle in for some deep concentration or meaningful study. We’ve picked our favourites that are all in the vicinity of Academia Speakeasy and have free WiFi.


Pudding Coffee Shop

Usually somewhat calm during the day, you’ll walk into Pudding thinking you’ve entered a dream. This quirky place is decorated with an Alice in Wonderland theme. With comfy and numerous seats, you can snack on a salad or sandwich while you get straight to business. One or favorite places to study in Barcelona.

Alsur Café (El Born)

Located in the heart of the Born neighbourhood, Alsur is well-known for their great desserts and brunches. While, there are a few Alsur Cafés sprinkled around the city, this one has a nice cozy back room where you’ll usually find others quietly working alongside you. Why not grab a lunch menu while you memorize some irregular Spanish verbs or add some finishing touches to your paper?


Babèlia Books and Coffee

Situated in the Sant Antoni quarter, Babèlia is more than just a café – it’s also a multilingual bookstore. With hot and cold refreshments and homemade snacks, you’ll feel cozy in this intimate café. They definitely don’t want you camping out for hours with your laptop, but it’s nice for a little break from the ordinary.

Federal Café

Hidden away on a side street off of the Rambla in the Gothic Quarter, this café is quite spacious and they’ve just added an extra area at the back where most of the students or freelancers do their work. With a tasty menu and good coffee, you won’t notice the time fly by when you’re surrounded by like-minded people. The only downside is they don’t let you sit on the terrace if you plan to study or work with your laptop.


Library Lounge

Walking by Library Lounge, you may not even notice it. Doubling as a reception desk for the boutique hotel upstairs, you can study to your heart’s content while sipping on a coffee or smoothie. With quite a quiet atmosphere, and some seating outside, this is one of our favorite spots to lay low and get some work done!


Enter this hidden gem and you won’t feel like you’re “locked up” and studying. The idea behind their restaurant is being able to travel the world through their tropical flavours. Aside from their delicious menu offerings, the space itself provides an airy and calming atmosphere. With a large window that lets in sunshine, you’ll be able to focus on your work while still feeling like you’re not missing out on the beautiful Barcelona day.

February 16th, 2018

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