Originally from Lithuania, Speakeasy student Agnė tells us about her experience so far learning Spanish and living in Barcelona.

Agnė in dreamy Lithuania

Dreams of learning Spanish in Barcelona

Agnė arrived in Barcelona one month ago. She is loving the city so much that she’s already considering moving here for a longer period of time, after just one month of experiencing the Barcelona magic! She had been dreaming of learning Spanish for a long time – four years ago she made a list of goals she wished to accomplish and learning Spanish was one of those. Fast-forward four years later and here she is, in Barcelona, making one of her bucket-list dreams a reality. Agnė chose Barcelona because the people are so friendly and welcoming. She says it’s easy to feel at home in a place where everybody is smiling and willing to lend a helping hand.

Agnė on the famous "Ramblas" in the center of Barcelona

Why learn Spanish?

As a self-proclaimed travel-addict, Agnė is sure that Spanish will help her in her future travels. She believes Spanish is a beautiful language and op top of that many of her friends speak it as a first language, and she would love to be able to communicate with them in Spanish.

Agnė’s classes at Speakeasy

Agnė participated in a one-month intensive course where she completed the A1 and A2 levels. Her class was four hours per day Monday through Friday and her teacher was Ana Eva, “the greatest teacher she ever had in her life”. She says she didn’t expect her teacher to be so amazing, “Ana Eva is a really funny and adorable person, and at the same time, a professional teacher, who is willing to answer all your questions and give all the attention and support you need during the lessons”.

Her favorite exercises in class are the speaking ones, where students not only improve their Spanish fluency, but also get the chance to learn new things about the different cultures and countries each is from. Agnė had classmates from all over the world – USA, Cyprus, England, Japan, and Denmark. Despite the different age ranges and cultures, all have the same courage to learn Spanish and help each other. She is sure that some of the classmates she’s made connections with will stay in her life even after the course is over. She “couldn’t wish for anything better – a new place, new language and new people to love”.

On her way to Speakeasy!

A day in the life

A typical day for Agnė includes waking up early in the morning, at 7am, so she has time to do her homework and enjoy a morning coffee before classes start at 9am. She admits that she’s that person who’s always late, but the silver lining is that she learned how to say “Siento llegar tarde” in Spanish in just her first week of class! After her class finishes at 1pm, you can find her at a local café enjoying another coffee and doing some work. She works remotely and loves that she can explore the city by checking out different cozy working spots to enjoy fresh juices while she works online. In the evening, you can find her enjoying a sunset walk on the beach or enjoying a drink with her friends.

Her favorite place to hang out is the beach side of Barcelona, when it’s warm, she could spend the entire day swimming! She’s trying to enjoy “local life” here as much a possible by taking leisurely walks around the city centre, visiting museums and listening to live music in local bars or on the streets.

November 1st, 2021

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