What could be more exciting than "studying Spanish right in the heart of Barcelona":https://www.speakeasybcn.com/en/spanish-courses? Every student at Speakeasy has a different experience. The one thing they all share, though, is having a unique and memorable time at the school. We've asked one of our students - Snezhanna - to tell us about her experience.

Snezhanna on a trip to the Basque Country

Student profile

Snezhanna Niyazgulova, 32, is from Russia. She came to Barcelona in January 2020 eager to study Spanish and plans to stay until July 2021. She chose Barcelona because she loves the city and Spain in general. Snezhanna’s dream is to live in Miami, where Spanish is the second language. Hence why she is studying castellano.

Spanish classes in Barcelona

Snezhanna is now at the B2.1 level of Spanish. She signed up to study in March of this year and will study until next July. Her classes are from Monday to Friday for 4 hours a day. About her teachers, she says: “My teachers are great people and very high-quality teachers. With some of them, I have developed friendships.” She especially liked the game Kahoot they played online to practice their Spanish in class.
She also became great friends with her classmates during the 3 months of lockdown. She was very interested in meeting people from different countries!

4 people standing in the mountains.
Snezhanna with some of her classmates on a trip to the mountains they organized themselves

The visa process

Snezhanna needed a visa to study in Spain. To get her residence permit, she had to pay for her Spanish course, get all the documents from the school, open a bank account here in Spain, sign up for medical insurance and show that she had enough money to live here. The entire process was relatively easy and she quickly received (about a week) the acceptance.

Activities in and around Barcelona

Did you know that one of the great things about Speakeasy is the extracurricular activities? Our students enjoy them because they can meet people from other classes and get to know each other better. Snezhenna visited the Costa Brava twice with us. Because she became close with her classmates, they organized many of their own activities as well! They visited the Basque Country, Valencia and Taüll. She even had everyone over for a barbecue at her place.

girl in green dress in front of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.
Snezhanna visiting the Basque Country while studying Spanish

A day in the life

Snezhanna lives in Castelldefels and since her classes are from 9am until 1pm, she has to wake up early. First, she takes a morning walk with her dogs and then takes the train into Barcelona. After her classes finish in the afternoon, she’ll either go home, meet with friends and walk around a bit or do some shopping in the area. In the summer she enjoys going to the beach. Once she’s back home, she takes her dogs for a walk by the beach, forest or in the mountains.

Her experience sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? If you’re interested in learning more about our courses or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

student in the hills with her two dogs.
Snezhanna walking through the hills of Castelldefels with her pups
September 30th, 2020

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