They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a cocktail? A well-assembled cocktail may be more valuable than a glass of red wine. And a lot more fun. As more wine wizards and mixologists flock to Barcelona, more new and inventive bars are popping up. We’re not claiming to be experts on them but we do enjoy a nice mixed drink every now and again. Check out our favourites and let us know what you think!

Dry Martini, photo via @drymartinijdlm

Bobby’s Free

Bobby’s Free may not be as well known as some others, mostly because it’s a barber shop up front, strengthening its twenties prohibition-era ambience. After giving the correct password to enter, you’ll find yourself in a classy establishment with connoisseurs of spirits and mixology. The wooden interior and leather barstools make it the perfect place to bring important visitors.

Bobby’s Free Cocktail Bar, photo via Bobby’s Free

La Confitería

This cocktail bar originally began as a pastry and confectionery shop in 1912, as evidenced by the remnants of its decor and name. The old-timey character of the wood and soft red lighting mixed with creatively-served and exquisite cocktails make this place a must if ever in the area.

La Confitería Cocktail Bar, photo via La Confitería

Dry Martini

Dry Martini is the “it” place for cocktails. It was founded by Javier de las Muelas, considered a renowned world cocktail master, businessman and trendsetter. Be prepared to spend your euros here as the top quality drinks come at top prices. They are, however, well worth it when they are created by one of the authorities on mixology.

Sub Rosa

Hidden in the heart of Barcelona’s gothic quarter, this lovely corner bar dishes out delightful cocktails at student-affordable prices. The decor is eclectic and quirky, offering something new to see every time you pay a visit. The name is a play on words, sabrosa meaning tasty in Spanish. With cocktails priced as low as 4€ during their happy hour, Sub Rosa is the perfect watering hole for students in Barcelona.

Sub Rosa, photo via @stasmemphis on Instagram


Another speakeasy lounge that is hidden behind the kitchen door of a pastrami sandwich bar in the neighbourhood of el Born, Paradiso is a delightful experience for those who appreciate expertly-made libations served in equally creative and exciting vessels. The beautiful wooden ceiling transports you into a luxurious ship-like space, sipping designer cocktails with the maestros and aficionados of the “perfect drink”.

Cassette Bar

Situated near the Rambla de Raval, you’ll be sure run into some local Barcelonians in Cassette Bar. With anything from indie to experimental electronic tunes playing over the speakers and vintage TVs lining the walls, you’ll feel instantly welcome and comfortable in this small bar. The bartenders are friendly and they offer a wide variety of spirits and classic cocktails. Not only do they make proper cocktails, they also have a kitchen, so you can chow down on some tempting snacks if you’re planning to stay longer.

Dr. Stravinsky

Upon entering this place, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time and found yourself in an old alchemist’s playground. Named the best bar in Europe, the mixologists here are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about their drinks. Just being inside, you’ll wonder if such a character as Dr. Stravinsky exists and if, perhaps, he may join you for one of his wonderful creations.

Dr. Stravinsky Cocktail Bar, photo via @drstravinsky_bcn

Bitter Cocktail Bar

This unassuming bar in the Sant Antoni neighbourhood serves flavourful, creative spinoffs of classic drinks. The relaxed atmosphere attracts locals and a few tourists as well. Visit this place if you’re in the area and in need of something proper and punchy.

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