Many people think of Barcelona as a city for parties, beach and paella, but is so much more. The cultural and artistic offerings of the city are endless and one could spend weeks discovering them. Read on to find out why Barcelona is the place to visit for art and culture lovers.

The Palau de la Música Catalana.
The Palau de la Música Catalana, photo via @miguelborrell

An Open-Air Museum

Dating as far back as when the Romans were around, there are still some remnants of old Barcino from that time. The remainders of the Roman Wall, the Temple d’August, the Benedictine monastery Sant Pau del Camp (build in the 800s) even the 14th-century churches of Santa María del Mar and Santa María del Pi will all transport you back in time.

Free Art Wherever You Turn

From sculptures to installations to graffiti, Barcelona is teeming with works of art to take in. Barcelona artist Joan Miró has left a few sculptures to the city and one of his mosaics can be found right in the centre of the famous Las Ramblas.

Dragon sculpture in front of a building in Barcelona.
Barcelona, the city of dragons, photo via @barcelona_barcelona

Experience Catalan Culture

Although Catalonia is part of Spain, it has its own unique cultural celebrations and traditions. From the human towers up to 5 humans high (castellers) to dancing sardanas in the squares, you will feel like the traditions live on. You’ll be lucky to come across the many festivals the city holds.

A typical correfoc through the streets.
A typical correfoc through the streets

Art Galleries & Museums

With Barcelona having produced so many famous artists there are many galleries and museums to view their work. Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí opened the world’s eyes to the artists of Catalonia and have their own museums. There are also many contemporary galleries displaying current works. Calle Enric Granados in Eixample, for example, is full of new galleries to be explored. You’ll also find museums dedicated to contemporary culture, design, even chocolate.

Foodie Heaven

Barcelona’s Mediterranean location along the sea, backed by mountains and close to the warm southern regions of Spain gives it the advantage of having fresh ingredients practically all year round. Whether you’re trying tapas, traditional Catalan cuisine or indulging at Michelin starred restaurants, the food of Barcelona doesn’t disappoint. If you want a few of our favourite recommendations, check out 5 Places to Take Guests to Eat in Barcelona that Guarantee Happiness.

Awesome Architecture

You cannot visit the Catalan Capital without a visit to the Sagrada Familia, passing by Casa Battlò or La Pedrera. But Gaudi is not the only architect that had a hand in the city’s unique urban landscape. Luis Domenech i Montaner is the architect responsible for the creation of the Palau de la Música Catalana, the Hospital de Sant Pau, as well as the Castle of the Three Dragons found in Parc Ciutadella. A walk through the Eixample neighbourhood will lead you to countless beautiful Catalan Modernist buildings.

Beautiful picture of Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló.
Casa Batllò – one of Gaudí’s designs, photo via @caldeh

Music Festivals

Last but not least Barcelona’s music scene is rich and you can often find live music every day of the week. The Catalan’s appreciate of music brings many world-renowned music festivals of all types of genres to the city. Electronic music festival Sónar, the month-long jazz festival and Primavera sound are all great reasons to make a trip to Barcelona.

Have you visited Barcelona? What was your favourite part of the tradition and culture?

People enjoying the primavera sound music festival.
Primavera Sound Music Festival
November 29th, 2019

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