As a student, you’ve spent all the important euros on your education. You work hard, study hard but you want to play hard, too. Being a student in Barcelona can be one of the best experiences of your life. If you want to join the rest and drink cheaply, here are some of the best bars for students in the city!

What are the best and cheapest bars for students in Barcelona?

L’Ovella Negra

L’Ovella Negra is one of the most classic student pubs in Barcelona. They serve up cheap beers, cheap food and a busy but cheerful atmosphere. There are two locations. One is near las Rambles on the Raval side and the other in Poblenou near Marina. While both bars are large, the one in Poblenou is massive (think German beerhall style). They are both set up like taverns with long, wooden communal tables. L’Ovella Negra is a popular spot for students and even during the week you’ll see large groups drinking from large jugs of beer or sangria.

L’Ovella Negra is a tavern style bar with cheap beers and sangría, photo via Lingua Barcelona


If you’re a skater or simply an enthusiast of the skateboarding world, Nevermind is your grungy, economical place. As soon as you set foot into this cheap bar, you’ll notice the graffiti and writings on the wall. Beers here are cheap and they offer you free popcorn with your beverage. The best part? There’s an actual half pipe at the back of the Raval location!


Bollocks is another bar similar to Nevermind with graffiti and messages sprawled all over the walls. With a laid-back atmosphere and chilled out bartenders, this could be one of the best bars for the rock n’ roll crowd. Located on Carrer Ample in Gótico, they have some nice burgers and cheap drinks until 10:30pm.

Rock n Roll bar Bollocks, photo via @bollocksbar

Bar Manchester

Yet another hidden gem in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, the Manchester is a favourite among students and expats alike. Ditch the fancy attitude, grab a pint and unwind to the sounds of indie, punk, new wave and Brit pop.

Tasca El Corral

If you’re looking for a more traditional locale, Tasca El Corral on Carrer de la Mercè is a popular watering hole for students. With jamón legs hanging from the ceiling and vermouth flowing from the tap, you’ll feel right at home at the back of this bar. It’s normal to find students gathered in groups here sharing the 8€ bottles of vermouth and snacking on tapas.

Tasca el Corral is a traditional bar in Gótico with cheap tapas and vermouth, photo via @reneesrunway

Espit Chupitos

This cheerfully cheap bar is best known for its chupitos (shots). At around 2€ a shot, with over 600 to choose from, you can’t go wrong! A popular place among students, Espit Chupitos has a few locations scattered around the city. Since almost every chupito comes with a gimmick, it’s impossible to not have fun, or remember these special nights (unless you drink too much).


Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter on the famous Plaça de George Orwell (more casually known as Plaça Tripi), Oviso feels like home the minute you take a seat. A relaxed and casual environment inside with an all-year round patio outside, they have both cheap beers as well as food.

We hope that some of these bars are new to you! If you are interested in learning Spanish, check out our Spanish classes in the heart of Barcelona. If you want to get to know the city a bit better, take a look at our student activities to get an insider’s view.

March 26th, 2019

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