In the world we in live today, we tend to think that almost all big cities become more and more alike. Is Barcelona like any other big city? The answer is a big and loud: “of course not!”. Barcelona is a lively financial centre with important international companies, but at the same time, an attractive tourist destination. The business world coexists in a natural state with the holiday atmosphere that the beach brings with. It is common to find people going to work on their bicycles, dressed in suits, while beach life is just next door! So why do we love Barcelona? Read on to find out.

6 Reasons we love Barcelona, photo by the incredibly talented @dani_hm_bcn (Instagram)

Walk through a masterpiece

An important part of Barcelona is its art and architecture. Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso are all world famous painters. One of the most influential architects in Barcelona is Antoni Gaudí, and his buildings and designs can be seen all over the city. Barcelona also has some important street art pieces, giving visitors a colourful mix of styles and epochs to take in while walking through the city.

The variety of neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods in Barcelona are quite different from one another, so you can find something unique in each part of the city. If you feel like eating Paella and good seafood, you can visit Barceloneta or one of the many restaurants next to the beach. If you’re looking for history you can visit El Gótico. If you feel like barhopping visit El Born or L’eixample, neighbourhoods that are full of life.

It’s easy to get around

Visiting Barcelona is really easy! Public transportation in the city is adapted to every need and there are signs written in Catalan, Spanish and English. The metro, buses, trams, trains and cabs are at your disposal at affordable prices. If you’re someone who enjoys being active, Barcelona is bicycle friendly with many bike lanes. There are also lots of places to run with beautiful views!

Mar y montaña

The unique geographic location of Barcelona gives it the perfect balance of beach and mountains. Located right on the Balearic sea with a backdrop of mountains, there is something to enjoy for everyone. You could spend the day at Bogatell beach and end up watching the sunset from the Bunkers. It’s rare and special to be able to enjoy both in such a large and international city!

It’s always sunny

With an average of just 55 days of precipitation a year, Barcelona is a very sunny city. The temperate climate and mild winters make it a lovely place to live and visit. With 2,524 hours of sunshine per year, it’s no wonder that all the vitamin D transforms the city into a happy and relaxed place.

There’s always something happening

From Fiestas Mayores to buskers in the street, you’re bound to find something around every corner. Barcelona is rich in culture and there are countless events and parties happening every weekend. It would be impossible to be bored in this city!

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