Barcelona is the city of sunshine, but what happens when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop? Believe it or not, the Catalan capital is still a wonderful place to visit during winter months. With less crowds and a more local feel, your bank account and personal space bubble will thank you. What are some ways to enjoy Barcelona in the winter? Read on to find out.

Born in the winter, photo via @jalapenos808

Get your dose of vitamin D

Although it is chillier in Barcelona in winter than in the summer, that doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine here. In fact, there are very few cloudy or rainy days and the beautiful blue Barcelona sky is great therapy for those accustomed to short and dark winter days. The temperatures in winter can range from 10-15 degrees in the sun during the day, making having a café con leche on a terrace absolutely feasible.

Gothic Quarter, photo via @theojal

A night at the museum

With so many museums, galleries and exhibit spaces in Barcelona, a winter visit might be the perfect time to take them all in. The decline in tourists will give you a more peaceful atmosphere to really absorb everything you’re seeing.

It’s the perfect time for foodies

Sure, you can get paella and seafood all year round, but the real treasures are the seasonal vegetables that are only around during the colder months. Around October and November during the autumn season, you’ll notice that vegetable shops and markets will start carrying wild mushrooms, the most famous being rovellons. You can also sample the roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes that are sold in popup kiosks throughout the city. One of the favourite culinary items that come into season, though, are the famous calçots that become available around February. These green onion types inspire a whole celebratory barbecue – a calçotada -with plenty of flowing wine or vermouth and food to feed tables full of hungry people.


Mar y montaña

Just as they say that in Los Angeles you can surf the beach and ski the mountains in the same day, it’s similar in Barcelona. You might not be able to bust out your bikini on the Baeleric sea (unless you’re very lucky), but you can still enjoy a nice walk along the beach in Barcelona in winter. If you head north towards the Pyrenees mountains you’ll also be able to ski. La Molina is a ski resort accessible by train from Barcelona. For 40€, they offer a package that includes the train ride there and back along with the lift ticket (ski rental is not included).

Understand the Catalan Christmas traditions

Christmas is a beautiful and magical time to be in Barcelona; don’t miss the chance to take a walk through the different neighbourhoods of the city to take in all the Christmas lights. You can make a visit the Christmas market by the Barcelona Cathedral where you will see a large collection of caganers (figurines of a pooping man that is part of the Catalan nativity scene) as well as caga tios (which are a staple in any household with children) for sale. You can also eat some turró and sopa de nadal.

November 11th, 2018

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