Catalonia, for many, is known only for its capital city – Barcelona. What many are unfamiliar with is the abundance of magnificent beauty to be found in the region. From spectacular crystal blue beaches and hidden coves to gigantic mountains and glacial lakes, Catalonia has everything to fulfill a nature lover’s dream.

Flamingos on the Delta de L'Ebre.
Flamingos on the Delta de l'Ebre, photo via @nestor_buera_royo

Camí de Ronda

The Camí de Ronda was a footpath built along the Costa Brava in Catalonia to prevent smuggling during the civil war. The path offers stunning views of the sea while weaving in and out of the forest, passing through little towns and calas (coves) along the way. The walk can be as long or as short as you make it.

Camí de Ronda, Catalonia.
The natural trails of the Camí de Ronda, photo via @mar_de_rinlo


The sharp, upward-facing rocks of Montserrat are hard to miss. This immense mountain offers views over Catalunya that can be reached on foot or by cable car from the Benedictine monastery that lies at its base. With a blend of nature and spirituality, the walk or hike to the top will be one that you remember forever.

Montserrat, Catalonia.
The strange rock formations of Montserrat, photo via @caldeh_

Congost de Mont-Rebei

Located in Lleida on the border of Catalonia and Aragon about 3 hours from Barcelona, the astonishing turquoise waters and steep, towering cliffs amaze anyone who visits the Congost de Mont-Rebei. One of the cliffs features a path carved into its edge – some parts without railings – that both scare and delight. The canyon makes a beautiful setting for kayaking and walking.

Congost de Mont-Rebei, Catalunya.
Kayaking is a popular activity at the Congost de Montrebei, photo via @2viatgersmes

Delta de l’Ebre

One of the largest wetlands in the Mediterranean, the Delta de l’Ebre is rich with flora and fauna. It is located where the Ebre river meets the sea in the region of Tarragona. The wildlife, and especially the birds (there are over 300 species), are what attract nature lovers to this national park. Just 2 hours south of Barcelona, you can explore marshes, dry lakes and sandy beaches. Even flamingos are fond of the fascinating landscape!

Flamingos on the Delta de l’Ebre.
Flamingos on the Delta de l’Ebre, photo via @nestor_buera_royo

Parque Nacional de Aigüestortes i Estany Sant Maurici

Catalonia’s only national park, Aigüestortes is nestled in the middle of the Pyrenees mountain range. The massive mountains, myriad lakes (more than 100) and wild landscape make it a playground for hikers and nature lovers.

Beautiful mountains and lakes in Aigüestortes National Park.
Beautiful mountains and lakes in Aigüestortes National Park, photo via @furgoyporteo

Have you visited any of these natural wonders? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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