There are a lot of reasons for which people want to learn Spanish. Some simply like the language and how it sounds, some have moved to a Spanish-speaking country and want to fit in culturally, while others maybe just want a new challenge. Whatever the reasons, if you’re serious about learning Spanish, you should absolutely consider signing up for Spanish lessons. Why are Spanish lessons better than learning on your own? We have a few reasons why! Read on to find out what they are.

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Taking a Spanish course in Barcelona means you can meet new and like-minded people

1. Follow a structured course outline

When you sign up for an online or in-person Spanish course the teacher will have a structure to follow. If you’re learning on your own, it’s not as easy to decide what’s important and what should be learned in what order. By beginning with a foundational understanding and building up, you are setting yourself up for success. Learning Spanish is like building a house. At Speakeasy, we’ve created our own CASA (Coherent and Active Spanish Assimilation) program where you start with the first floor before building up to the next floors. When you have a structure to follow, you’ll find that your learning journey is smoother and more enjoyable.

2. Ask questions

When self-learning or learning through applications, it can be hard to ask questions when you arrive at a tricky crossroads or grammatical concept. This is where having a teacher in front of you truly helps. When you’re in a classroom, you have the opportunity to raise your hand when you’re not quite sure of something. If the teacher sees that other students are also having a similar problem, they can adjust the lesson or plan another lesson that focuses on those difficulties.

3. Get corrections

When you’re in a small classroom setting, you’ll receive more on-hands attention from your teachers. If your pronunciation needs improvement or you keep making a mistake, a teacher can gently correct you and help you improve for next time. It also helps to learn from others’ mistakes so you may learn something new from when a teacher corrects a fellow Spanish learner.

4. Perfect your speaking

When you’re learning Spanish on your own, it’s hard to find people to have conversations with to practice the speaking component of the language. That’s why it’s great to take Spanish classes so that you’re already in an environment that is set up to encourage self-expression in the target language.

A teacher will have lots of speaking activities and ideas for you and your classmates to help you practice and perfect your speaking. Engaging in conversations with other students will help you get comfortable with the new sounds, vocabulary and target phrases. And even better, your teacher can help identify any patterns of errors to help you fix them.

5. Learn correct Spanish grammar and vocabulary

Because Spanish is spoken by millions of people in over 20 countries, you can expect that there will be differences in the language. Depending on your method of self-study, it won’t always be apparent which words or expressions are used more often in which countries. By taking Spanish classes in Barcelona, your teachers will be there to teach you the language and words most commonly used in Spain or in that particular region.

It’s also common that the Spanish spoken on the streets is different from what is correct. If you’re learning the proper grammar in a class and also listening and interacting with locals, you’ll have a richer vocabulary and a greater understanding of how the language differs in its casual and formal tones.

6. Build a habit

Teaching yourself Spanish can be very difficult. Finding the right structure to follow, knowing that you’re pronouncing or using words correctly, and showing up consistently are all roadblocks. Building a habit on your own is especially challenging. When you sign up for a class, you’re making a commitment because you’ve paid money and you’ve committed to blocking out some time from your day.

How many times have you cancelled something or just not done it because you were “too busy” or “not in the mood”. If you’ve already signed up and paid for a Spanish class, you’re less likely to cancel because you’ve already invested your money and time into it. Not to mention your teachers and classmates will be wondering where you are!

7. See your progress and have all your lessons in one place

One of the great things about signing up for Spanish classes is that you’ll follow a curriculum in level-specific textbooks. At Speakeasy, we use a student’s book as well as an exercise book. Having a physical place where you have all your information is very helpful because you can go back and look through it if you’ve forgotten something. Language learning textbooks also create a good structure for your learning and all of the exercises will be directly linked to the book’s contents.

8. Invest in yourself

Learning Spanish is not only fun, but it can help connect you with millions of new people who speak it. Having a second or multiple languages can help you stand out from other candidates when applying to jobs too. You might also find that in learning a new language, you’ll be able to build a stronger understanding of your own language. Finally, you’ll never know when you might need to use your new languages skills.

9. Learn about the culture

If you’re taking Spanish classes in Barcelona with one of our native teachers, you’ll quickly learn some things that may not be immediately obvious when it comes to the culture, the customs and how people act in different situations. Learning with a teacher is like having your own guide into the language and the people that speak it because you’ll not just be learning, but sharing experiences too. If you sign up for activities like we have at Speakeasy, you’ll also get the chance to visit places where the locals go.

10. Meet new people

This is one of the biggest differences between learning Spanish on your own and taking classes. When you sign up for a Spanish course in Barcelona, chances are a lot of your classmates will be there for similar reasons. Maybe they’re new to the city or they’ve finally decided to commit to learning the language. Speakeasy receives students from all around the world and we have weekly activities to help students from other classes get to know each other. Meeting new people is fun and you can practice your new language together!

As you can see there are many reasons to take a Spanish class. Overall, it’s more exciting, you learn a lot in a short period of time, you meet new people, and you feel more invested. If you’re interested in learning Spanish in Barcelona, check out our selection of classes.

July 30th, 2020

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