Why learn Spanish? The answer is here. Anyone can learn Spanish if they want to. But it takes effort from you too. We have collected some advice on staying motivated during your Spanish course.

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Don't be afraid to make mistakes when you speak Spanish. Your first objective is to communicate in Spanish, not to speak better Spanish than King Felipe VI of Spain.

Not many people in Barcelona or in Spain speak English, or any other languages for that matter, so they will definitely not report you to the Language Police just because you make a few grammatical or pronunciation mistakes in Spanish.

On the contrary, they will love you for trying to speak Spanish and probably help you improve.

Have fun learning Spanish. Enjoy it. It is not a race so don't worry if others in your class seem to be better at learning. Everyone has a different learning curve. Don't compare yourself with the other students. It is not a race. And do not be impatient with the other students in your Spanish class. Support them instead. If you do this then you will find that they support you and everyone in your Spanish course will benefit. If you really feel that you are too far behind or ahead, then talk to your Spanish teacher or to the Speakeasy Spanish School desk about a change of Spanish class.
Find the lyrics to popular Spanish songs that you are hearing in the clubs and on the radio. You can usually find these on the internet. Try www.lyrics.com or simply type the title into google.com and write "lyrics." If you don't know the title of a song ask a bartender or DJ in a club or pub. Knowing song lyrics is fun and at least you will learn the language of love in Spanish!
Get into a routine. It's all about habits. The biggest secret of learning to speak Spanish is getting into the habit of attending Spanish classes as much as possible and on a regular basis. Even if you are tired, try and make it to the Spanish school. There is nothing more motivating than turning up. Your classmates and the Speakeasy staff will help you feel motivated too. Missing Spanish classes will demotivate you. You will feel that you are falling behind the other and also wasting money that you spent for missed classes. Which you are. So try and get to the Spanish classes. .Make time on a regular basis for your Spanish language studies. Homework is also best handled by getting into a fixed routine. Do it on the train. Or at a certain time every day. Or meet with others in the class to revise at a fixed time every day. You are welcome to use empty classrooms at the school. Ask the desk staff.
Put post-it notes up at home with Spanish words and phrases that you want to remember. Put them in places where you won't miss them. Then repeat the words again and again until you remember them.
Learning Spanish requires an effort from you. 4 hours a day of Spanish classes at Speakeasy does not sound that hard, but it is just really like a half-day job. And then add on 1-2 hours of review and homework everyday! The pace is high and the classes are in Spanish, so you have to be mentally prepared to put in the time, interest and effort and to sustain that effort.
Talk while you are studying Spanish. You double your efficiency of your learning ability if you say the words while reading them. Keep the volume down though if you are in a very public place!
Use a Spanish dictionary. If you think that you can guess all the meanings of Spanish words you are wrong. For example the Spanish word "embarazada" means "embarrassed" in English. Well you are wrong. It means "pregnant!"
One of the best online dictionary we have found for Spanish translations is http://wordreference.com/
Buy easy reading books and magazines such as comics in Spanish, or celebrity gossip magazines, Readers digest in Spanish etc. This type of reading material is easy and fun and gives you many useful Spanish phrases and words.
Talk to your teacher or the Speakeasy staff if you need help. We can give you more exercises or you might take some 1-2 hours of private Spanish lessons to boost your knowledge of a specific subject and your confidence too!

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