DELE Preparation Course

Having your competency in Spanish officially accredited can help you improve your CV as well as further your career or studies in Spain

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SpeakeasyBcn: DELE Preparation Course
  • Price from €375
  • Duration 2,3 or 4 weeks
  • Schedule Monday to Friday 13.30 - 17.30hs
  • Levels B1–C2

Course overview

DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is an official diploma that is approved all over the world and demonstrates your Spanish level. You can attach it to your CV and prove your level in an official way. It is also required for admission to many Spanish Universities. DELE is the internationally recognised qualification in Spanish language competency and is organised by the Instituto Cervantes. The DELE exam is set and assessed by the Salamanca University and supported by the Ministry of Education for Spain.

Our Spanish teachers have specific training in DELE with experience in preparing students to obtain their official certification . You will learn the structure and content of the exam as well as acquire the skills to take on each section of the exam.

Speakeasy is an official DELE Examination Center, which means that you can take the exam in our school as well.

At Speakeasy we offer complete DELE Preparation Courses for:

  • Diploma de Español Nivel B1 (Umbral): Intermediate / Intermedio
  • Diploma de Español Nivel B2 (Avanzado): Advanced / Avanzado
  • Diploma de Español Nivel C1 (Dominio): Native / Superior/Nativo
  • Diploma de Español Nivel C2 (Maestría): Mastery / Maestría

Exam dates and Course start dates

Below are dates for upcoming exams and their corresponding course start dates

Exam: Saturday, 14th of November 2020

Deadline to register for the exam: 14/10/20

  • 4 weeks course: start 19/10/20
  • 3 weeks course: start 26/10/20
  • 2 weeks course: start 02/11/20

Exam: Friday 9th of April 2021

Deadline to register for the exam: 10/02/21

  • 4 weeks course: start 15/03/21
  • 3 weeks course: start 22/03/21
  • 2 weeks course: start 29/03/21

Exam: Saturday 22nd of May 2021

Deadline to register for the exam: 17/03/21

  • 4 weeks course: start 26/04/21
  • 3 weeks course: start 03/05/21
  • 2 weeks course: start 10/05/21

Exam: Friday 9th of July 2021

Deadline to register for the exam: 12/05/21

  • 4 weeks course: start 14/06/21
  • 3 weeks course: start 21/06/21
  • 2 weeks course: start 28/06/21

Exam: Friday 8th of October 2021

Deadline to register for the exam: 25/08/21

  • 4 weeks course: start 13/09/21
  • 3 weeks course: start 20/09/21
  • 2 weeks course: start 27/09/21

Exam: Saturday 13th of November 2021

Deadline to register for the exam: 06/10/21

  • 4 weeks course: start 18/10/21
  • 3 weeks course: start 25/10/21
  • 2 weeks course: start 01/11/21

Course and pricing options

The following are the pricing options currently available for this course.

DELE Preparation Course
  • 2 weeks €375
  • 3 weeks €540
  • 4 weeks €695

Registration and materials

This course requires a one-time registration fee of 40 Euros per person. Course materials are all included in the course cost.

Demonstrate your Spanish level officially with the DELE exam


Anya Grak Speakeasy, February 2020

For me, Speakeasy was the ideal choice not only to learn and improve my Spanish but also to prepare and to pass the DELE B2 exam. I think it’s definitely one of the best Spanish schools in Barcelona with the best value for money and of course I was very content with my teacher’s level of professionalism. DELE Preparation course helped me enormously to understand in which different parts consist of the exam and which criteria it has for each one. During the classes, we had a lot of tests which helped me to get accustomed to the time limits of each exam’s phase and in its turn to pass the exam with a great level of confidence. I also very appreciated the reduced number of students per course which I think certainly facilitates the learning process. I highly recommend Speakeasy due to its excellent student treatment, good prices, interesting intensive courses, and most importantly – the excellent teachers!


Do I have to pay for the course fee upfront in full?

Yes, the payment for the course must be in full and in paid in advance.This way your spot for the duration of the whole course will be reserved. It is also a requirement by the embassy if you are applying for a student visa.

Does Speakeasy offer accommodation?

Yes, we offer different types of accommodation depending on your preferences and needs. We work together with lovely and experienced host families, collaborate with partners (Livefurther, Spotahome and SHBarcelona) for shared or private apartments, and work with student residences. For more detailed information check out our accommodation page or contact us.

How long can I stay with a host family?

The minimum stay for being with a host family is one week and the maximum is up to one year.