Leticia de Mata

Leticia de Mata

Leticia is from a small town just south of León, Valencia de Don Juan. She always loved Barcelona for the structure of its streets, the diversity of cultures, and its people. Her work is her passion, she adores teaching young learners up to adult learners. She believes that teaching Spanish is perfect because she loves not only teaching students, but learning from them. Her passions include hiking, getting lost in the city, swimming, and eating, although she says she hates cooking!


  • Educadora infantil
  • Maestra de Educación Primaria

Formación especializada

  • Máster de español como lengua extranjera.
  • Curso de examinador DELE B1/B2 y C1/2 por el Instituto Cervantes.

Experiencia ELE:

  • Desde 2015
  • Antigüedad en Speakeasy desde 2018