Gina Sabate

Gina Sabate

Gina loves her profession because she believes that it connects people from different cultures and it makes the world closer and with less barriers (something very necessary in current times). Gina adores flora and fauna, and because of this one of her favorite hobbies is hiking, preferably in the Pyrenees, with her two dogs Elsa and Llum. She also loves cycling around Barcelona, especially in her favorite neighborhood, the Gótico.


  • Licenciatura en Filología hispánica, UAB, 2013

Formación especializada:

  • Posgrado Formación ele, Uab, 2013
  • Acreditación Examinadora A1-A2, Cervantes de Roma 2014
  • Acreditación Examinadora B1-B2, Cervantes de Roma 2014
  • Acreditación Examinadora C1-C2, Cervantes de Roma 2014
  • Tutora AVE, UNED, 2016

Experiencia ELE

  • Desde 2013
  • Antigüedad en Speakeasy, desde 2017