VIDEO: How to Extend a Student Visa in Spain


It’s that time again! Back to school season. If you are a foreign student studying in Spain, then now is the moment to extend your NIE or TIE. Follow the steps in the video to fly through the process, without leaving disappointed!

When should you extend your NIE?

You should begin the process around 60 days (two months) before your NIE/TIE is about to expire.


Step 1

Enroll in a course at Speakeasy Barcelona, or any other school that will provide you with a letter of acceptance.


Step 2

Prepare the documents you need to present at the extranjería office. It’s always best to come over-prepared, with all the documents (and more, just in case) as well as copies. Each office is different and it can be discouraging to be sent away if you are missing just one piece of paper. Here are the documents you will need to extend your visa:

  • certificate of completion
  • proof of enrollment for the next course
  • proof of payment
  • official application form EX-00
  • transaction fee (tasa) form 790 (052)
  • valid passport
  • student NIE/TIE card
  • bank statement
  • empadronamiento (household registration certificate)
  • proof of local medical insurance

Step 3

Wait around 1-4 months for your approval. While the government is making their decision, you are still legally allowed to be in the country.


Step 4

Prepare the following documents to retrieve your new NIE/TIE card at the extranjería office:

  • application form EX-17
  • transaction fee (tasa) form 790 (012)
  • passport and photocopy
  • current or recently expired NIE/TIE
  • 2 recent passport photos
  • prolongation acceptance (you will have received this in the mail after your first visit)
  • empadronamiento (household registration)


See how easy it can be to extend your student visa? It all depends on how prepared you arrive and how patient you can be. If you have any doubts, get in contact with us. You can also check out our list of courses here.


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