In order to make you assimilate the Spanish language in the most effective way the Speakeasy Academic Team has developed a unique method of teaching called the CASA Program.

Build your Spanish - Floor by Floor

We think of Spanish as a six-floor building. Our exclusive program is based on the idea that every linguistic item is held together by the others. In this way, learning a language is like building a house: an architect cannot build a new floor if the one below is not finished.

The CASA Program distinguishes 6 very refined levels tied into the 6 floors of a building. You will always be in a class with people of a similar level to improve together. In the end of each level you do a test to make sure that you can pass on to the next level.

Our six floors of Spanish

Floor 1 - Level A1 (Acceso): Beginner / Principiante

Let´s go! What do they say in the weather forecast? What should I say in a supermarket? What should I say when I book a room in a hostel? You start with the basic, but you will quickly be able to use Spanish in everyday life through learning basic grammar and vocabulary.

Floor 2 - Level A2 (Plataforma): Pre-Intermediate / Pre-Intermedio

Very good! You have just arrived to the second floor! From now, you will learn how to speak about your past and future plans. You will be able to interact in many social contexts, such as asking about an apartment for rent, reserve a hotel room or express your opinion on various topics.

Floor 3 - Level B1 (Umbral): Intermediate / Intermedio

Brilliant! We will study different themes such as funny stories, your CV, your travels etc. Also you will learn how to communicate in a wider variety of everyday social contexts, increase your vocabulary and improve your general understanding. Also you will start to learn the key feature of Spanish grammar, "el subjuntivo". You would be able to use the past or future or the conditional tenses and you are halfway through the course!

Floor 4 - Level B2 (Avanzado): Advanced / Avanzado

Let´s go! Don’t say that you are tired! The fourth floor is a level of perfection and prepares you for the next level. You will reinforce your knowledge and better your understanding and you will be able to speak more fluently.

Floor 5 - Level C1 (Dominio): Native / Superior/Nativo

Excellent! You are close to the final level! At this point, you have acquired as an extensive knowledge of Spanish. Now will be able to speak about any topics, understand any audio, article or conversation and be able to write any kind of text.

Floor 6 - Level C2 (Maestría): Mastery / Maestría

Fantastic! You did it! Here, you will develop and implement all conversation and grammar skills you've learned so far. You have a native level and now you are able to speak, understand or write at the level of an architect, a lawyer or a doctor.

Immerssion Philosophy

All our Spanish courses are immersion classes, which means that all the teaching and textbooks are in Spanish from the very beginning. However, this approach - being successful and mainstream - can be psychologically stressful for the learner at times. This is what we call "the risk of language overload": the student might feel overloaded or overwhelmed by concepts and grammar too advanced for the learner´s actual level. In order to prevent this, the CASA Program enables us to control the contents taught at each stage, adapting them to each level accordingly and thus helping you acquire Spanish at a natural speed, avoiding the feelings of frustration and stress.

Would I get a certificate at the end?

After finishing A2 level and B1 an exam will take place. Then, after your study period at Speakeasy, you'll get a certificate of the school including the dates of your course, the total hours you did and the level you reached. The only official certificate in Spanish as a Foreign Language is DELE organized by Instituto Cervantes. For more info, please follow this link about DELE.

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