Speakeasy is happy to offer you a selection of accommodation types which are described below, a room in a shared private apartment, host family or a room in a student residence. Most of our apartments, families and residence are located within 20 minutes from the school and the city center by public transport.

They are chosen through a precise process of selection: facilities, cleanliness, equipment, location and householder attitude. Each accommodation stay is evaluated by the student so that we can have feedback about your experience.

Below you can find more information about our accommodation options. For more information please contact us.


Shared Private Apartment

A shared private apartment means that you have your own room in a shared apartment with other students. As the minimum stay is 1 month, this option is more suited to our long-term students. Normally you live with 1-2 other students. You will have your own room with a desk, closet, your own keys and access to all shared areas of the flat. Food is not included, but obviously you can use the kitchen to cook your own meals. All the apartments have a Wi-Fi connection and linens.

Meals not included
Terms: Minimum 1 month
For our shared private apartments Speakeasy is working with external partners. If you are interested in this type of accommodation you should contact them directly:

There are special discounts available for our students. Please ask about them in the reception or contact us here.

Family Homestay

A family homestay is an excellent way to practice your Spanish and experience Spanish culture firsthand. You will have your own room with a desk and closet, your own keys and access to all shared areas of the flat. The laundry and cleaning are included. You will have the option to include breakfast and dinner and will eat with the host family most days. All the apartments have a Wi-Fi connection and linens.

From 189 euros / week (without meals)
from 245 euros / week (with breakfast and dinner)

Terms: Minimum 1 week
Placement fee: FREE

All deposits or payments are made directly to Speakeasy in advance.

Short Term Accommodation

If you are only in Barcelona for only a short period of time, or you just need a room for a few days while you look for your own apartment, staying at a hostel is a good solution. With Speakeasy you get discounts at the best and most centrally located hostels in Barcelona.

Another great reason to stay at one of our partner hostels is getting to know people in a similiar situation to you from the moment you arrive.

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